Friday, December 29, 2006


im the only one left at work... the office is scary and eerrryyyy!!!!!, its pouring rain.... thunder and lightning very very frightning!!!!



Thursday, December 14, 2006

Green P

This day has been very good to me…….

OMG I got my green P-plates, my family and friends are all probably going to say “about bloody time mate”…. But eh…. At least I am licensed to drive… regardless of what level I’m on…..
But there were a few dramas in getting those green buggers…. Last week they gave me the wrong exam… so I had to come back this week to do the right test…. I wasn’t gonna pay the fee again…. Eff that RTA stuffed up…..
I was freaking out… my hands were shaking and I could barely touch the screen… damn…. I thought I was going to fail!!!! Arrggghhh… but I didn’t so it’s all good. I look angry in my license photo… lol…. I was comparing my old photo with the new one…. I look so much older…. Scary… old fart!

I also finally got a haircut today… its hard booking a place at the hairdressers …. Well the one that I go to anyway…. They are always full… but luckily they squeezed me in… maybe because I only wanted a trim/ re- layer….. the hairdresser just looked at my hair and I could see in her face she was thinking “what the F$*#!” I told her I cut it that’s why it’s wacked…. And that my mum was up my arse about me getting a haircut because it was so uneven….. mum is going to be over the moon when she sees me….

I slept over Tim’s place last night…. Got there at about 10pm (I know late… I had things to do) and he cooked me dinner…. I walked in his house and there I saw tea light candles spread on the dinning room table, plates nicely set, a letter stamped with candle wax…. . It was very nice surprise…I loved it.


I had a dream last night… of my cousin who passed away back in 99’ …… it was as if she went on a holiday for a really long time and she just came back home…. I was talking to her about her son… my nephew Russelle…. And telling her all these things about him and all the things she missed out on…. It was awesome….. She spoke in her distinct voice, she looked exactly the same as I remember…. She was still her bubbly and happy self….

The last time I had a dream about her was after her funeral….. I never dreamt about her after that….. Until now….. it is beautiful, yet depressing at the same time…..
I remember during her death my sister and I would always see white butterflies…. And when I see them now or in the past I think of her…. I get a sense of peace when that happens because it’s rare when those creatures appear.

I love you Ate Che-Che….. AND WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN!!!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sienna & Savannah

Sienna and her sister are launching a ready-to wear fashion label.... it will be interesting to see what they come up with.....
I'm more of a Kate Moss fan over Sienna..... I want to see what she created for the love of my life TopShop!!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

burn out

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This is sorta old..... Clarette's crazy BBQ.... shit went down..... coz of yours truly :P

The past couple of weeks have been totally crazy for me..... all work and no play.... 7 days a week... damn..... but I see light at the end of the tunnel.... Philippines.... 1.5 months and i'll be out of Aussie- land... i seriously can't wait.... woot woot....

There were a few things I was unable to do when I was there, the down fall of travelling in a large group.... majority wins..... but I hope..... no I WILL do every goal/ plan.....

Im looking forward to the plane ride and turbulance.... im looking forward to stepping out of Filo airport and feeling the brunt of humidity rush over me.... i look forward to sitting on the side of the road at 9:ooam waiting for the Taho man..... i look forward to going to Chow King and ordering halo halo..... i look forward to seeing the abundance of billboards..... I cant wait to see my family!!!!! man.... i just cant wait!!!!


Meanwhile..... I can't believe that it is DECEMBER.... what the heck.... did this year fly or what!!!!! OMG Christmas!!!!

Dang.... I havent even done my Christmas shopping.... EEEKKKK... thank goodness for Parramatta Westfield and 24 hour trading......


The word on the street is that Topshop wil be heading downunder..... heck yeah bizatch im so excited.... apparently they have an online store for Australia..... YAY..... ANNIE YOU'LL BE SO PROUD!!!!

visit to know why i love this store s00000 much.... my first Topshop experience was in the Philippines .....

If they dont open before I leave for Filo-land..... i'll cry....... but then i'll just head off to SM or PowerPlant or Mall of Asia.......

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No hat, No play

I was on the train today coming home from the city....train rides are good for in-depth pensive moments,especially when you don't have a book or an ipod at hand. While I was in this pensive state we passed a primaryschool and I saw kids on their lunch break playing in the harsh Australian sun. A teacher came up to one of them and busted him for not having a hat. The 'no hat,no play' patrol is still going strong in full force after all these years.
Who would of thought of not having a hat would bring such harsh consequences i.e. a blow to the precious play time. I don't know what other countries primary school policies are for not having a hat, but in good old Aussie- land if ya don't have a hat, you ain't gonna play.....

I remember back in the day when I was a wee child my friends and I hated that rule... damn the person who thought of it..... I felt sorry for the lad or lass who left their hat at home... they were seated at the designated 'no hat, no play' area of the playground. Although, we would be a loyal friend and play with our fallen comrade, but pointing and laughing at them was more fun. I remember the girls hats were bottle green and the boys hats were shit brown. Hat fights were rife, especially with the boys in our grade.... swift wacks with your hat to your opponents head, turned into full blown punch ups.... yes our grade 6 class was a violent bunch... aaahh reminiscing...
I remember how my sister's friend stole her hat and there was this mad drama that went on for 2 days... my sister was pissed off hardcore; not because her hatwas stolen, but because she couldn't go and play with her mates. Childhood trivialities are too funny.

When high school arrived hat issues no longer existed, plus all we did was eat, eat and eat, do the random stacks on and gossip/ bitch during lunch .

So, to the current primary school kid, don't worry....your hate for the hideous rule will cease when you get to high school.... thats if your future high school doesn't have that rule.... if then.... tough titties....

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I heart JH 2

So yes as the story goes… I saw Josh Hartnett … he is one fly brother… but anyhow here is the pic….

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Well last Saturday night I went out with Anna, Simone and Mara to Home for Rebel Rebel… Ratatatat was playing… their set was awesome…. Awesome guitarist….. he was in the zone… legend….. their music reminds me of Daft Punk….
I bloody fucked up my knee… I sprained it and it swelled up… so gross… one knee was bigger than the other…. I was dancing and walking and running on it…. I should seriously get it checked up… it is a reoccurring injury….
But anyhow I haven’t been to Home in yonks, such good memories at that place… ahh reminiscing....

Meanwhile I have a new job… as an advertising assistant… I have been there for two weeks now… Clarette, April and I all work their… thanks to Clarette… owe you big time girl! I actually enjoy working their, my bosses are awesome…. They make me laugh…. At first I was having major anxiety attacks and I always thought I was going to get fired… but that feeling has passed now… I guess I have settled in…. I’m only there for three months though… it actually works out because I am on Uni holidays for 4 months and in February I am leaving for the Philippines…. The funny thing is I was actually going to look for work experience or hoping to find a job in advertising… so everything panned out how I wanted it too…..
But when there’s an upside there is always a down side…. i.e. not seeing Tim as much…. Although when we do meet up, I always get excited… the whole distance makes the heart grow fonder, or whatever the heck the saying is, rings true…

Monday, November 20, 2006

I heart JH

OMG my teenage fantasy came true yesterday.... I saw Josh Hartnett..... I seriously dont know why he was in Sydney.... but who cares he is one hot mofo..... we as in Mara, Anna and I got a pic with him..... I turn into a screaming groupie school girl everytime I tell someone... I was very star struck and scared shitless.... I always thought if I ever saw him I would jump him.... I was the complete opposite.. I was paralysed!!!

We were at Forbes & Burke cafe in Darlinghurst.... he came in the cafe after us... Anna spotted him thank goodness for her hawk eyesite!!!! i couldnt stop looking at him as he was ordering food and eating....damn he is fine.....

my celebrity crush meeting came true...ahhhh.....

I will post the pic soon....

Friday, November 17, 2006


thank you for last night..

i know we wont see each other that often...

but know this...

i love you

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I just came back from my friend’s house…. he passed away. Unfortunately he took his own life.

Brian, I we will never forget you, you will always be in my prayers. I pray that your soul is at peace and that you are with our lord. XOXO

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I have tissue up my nose...

*cough cough* im sick.. booo!!!

What's worse is that i got up at 4:45am to go to work.... I'm such a trooper...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Melbourne Part 2 *EDIT:PICS*

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o00Ohhh Melbourne, what a surprise indeed. As stated earlier Tim, Mara and JR surprised me with a birthday trip to Melbourne.

About a month ago Tim told me to get time off work because he said his relatives were coming to Australia from USA, and to make sure that I to bring clothes because we would be staying over at his cousins house.
But those bastards were scheming all that time, planning the Melbourne trip.

I was wondering why Tim and I were at the domestic departure lounge, I thought that was weird. Mara came running out screaming “surprise you’re going to Melbourne!”
I was s0 lost! When I was on the plane and in Melbourne it still hadn’t sunk in.

It was also my cousin’s birthday, so we went to visit her at work without her knowing. She was very surprised too; she had tears in her eyes.

The last time I went to Melbourne I had hay fever hell, but this time round I had rhinocourt! Bless that stuff, I swear it’s a godsend! I ran around trying to find a chemist, I could feel the build up in my nasal; the sniffles and sneezing were brewing…. Damn you hay fever!

I absolutely love Melbourne, but I loath the weather…. It was so erratic and s0 cold! No joke in a span of 15 minutes you get rain, overcast and sunny periods. Luckily I packed a jacket, hoodie and scarf, it saved my life!

Melbourne is awesome, I love the fact that you can walk around the back streets and alley ways and stumble across boutiques and quirky stores. I love how graffiti is pretty much everywhere, not tacky seedy ones that you find around Sydney. You’ll also find stencil graffiti in various shopping centres. Its awesome, they incorporate a lot of street art in stores, just brilliant. I love it how there are so many individual and eccentric people walking around and doing there business. I love how back alleys are filled with café’s such as The Block. I love the store Rancho Notorious and St Jeromes on Caledonia Lane; how it incorporates street culture and music. I love St Jeromes because I felt like I was at a New York block party, chilling and listening to good hip hop and loving the derelict setting. I love all the vintage stores; I was in Lola (grandma in tagalog) clothes heaven!

Just seeing all these artistic elements of Melbourne really makes me appreciate that place and art in general. It also makes me want to get all creative. I’m jealous that Tim and Mara can draw. That creative gene skipped me. I saw so many things that inspired me that I want to create, all of which involves drawing. I’m quite annoyed because I can’t draw anything remotely arty if my life depended on it. But I will try my luck.

I will post pics later...


Meanwhile back in my life in Sydney, I am almost finished Uni for this semester. I have one more assignment due for Advertising: Editorial and Illustration, then I’m done for this year…. 1st semester next year is my last year of Uni then I will graduate…. OMG!!!

But I’m also contemplating on studying again. I have a few prospects in mind. I guess you never stop learning regardless if you’re at school or not.

On the learning front my sister and I are doing sewing classes, even though we already know how to make garments. We had our second class yesterday. I felt like it was a waste of money because we are doing things we already know. There are times where my sister and I just look at each other and thinking “are you serious!” I know it sounds so pompous. But I am starting to appreciate it because it is always good to get back to basics and learn the fundamentals.
Sewing class brings back good memories when I first started sewing for design and tech; fashion design, at high school when I was 13 years old.

Monday, October 30, 2006


I just came back from Melbourne last night..... i'll rant and rave about it later....

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sunday, October 22, 2006

OMG he got himself branded again!

My Dad is cool as ice... so he thinks... hehe..... So much so he went out to get another tattoo. And no this isn't his first, but his third.

I was shocked !! Personally I hate it, I think it is absolutely hideous.... but he loves it.... he didn't even realise that it was a dream catcher till later. What a funny one. It reminds me of the temporary tattoos I use to get for 40 cents when I was four from those bubblegum vending machine thingos.

I was cut because I would of went with him to watch... booo... meanwhile my mum had a mojor bitch fit when she saw it, not impressed at all. ....haha.... oh father why are you s0 cool!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

my week

For Dan (Because I haven’t updated in a long time! Haha!)

It has been a chock a block week, much of which has been a lot to do with my Advertising: Illustration & Editorial assignment. Last week consisted of me trying to figure out indesign, I’m not the graphic design sort of person, so Tim and I had a very short and quick tutorial from my sister. The project was to be a double page illustration/ written article; I based my project on Manhattan Pizzeria Café. JR’s brothers Glenn and Dean’s restaurant. Check out their website

On Thursday night my sister and I took our little cousins out for dinner at the pizzeria, why?
a) It is tradition that my sister and I take the younglings out during their school holidays
b) I needed to take photos for my assignment
Kill two birds with one stone right….

It was also Dean’s birthday so we bought him a lovely chocolate cake…. He had a house party on Saturday… more about that later….

I thought my assignment would take up my whole weekend but to my surprise it only took me a day and a half to do…. With the help of Mara.
So the next day I went to my sister’s work to further develop my concepts and typography. Might I add that Friday was the biggest heat wave ever!!! 36 degrees!!! Ouch!
I thought that I would spend the whole day doing the assignment, but in a couple of hours I was done…yay!

Later I met up with Tim and his sister (and crashed at his place); we went for a swim at Whitlam Pools. It was maxed out like something severe… and scorching hot. It was so refreshing to be immersed in the cool water!
I basically spent the whole weekend watching LOST season 2; I always missed out on the episodes. Tim is a godsend for buying the box set! I ♥ LOST.

Meanwhile, Saturday was just as hot as Friday. Tim and I were not sure whether to go to the pools or the beach, after a long and lazy discussion we then decided on the beach, Bondi Beach to be exact. Like pools, the beach was jam packed with serious fun. And the waves were massive! Me being the chicken shit that I am wanted to go the north end, where it wasn’t that crazy… why because:
a) I almost died in a rip when I as 14 years old (thank you Maroubra beach)
b) I have a fear of drowning
c) I have a fear of massive waves killing me

I couldn’t believe how cold the water was, it was like jumping in ice freezing water…arrgghhh but I did have a laugh at they way Tim and I looked like when getting into the water… think stick figures doing the robot….

After the beach we headed off to the city to eat and to meet up with Mara & JR to go to Dean’s Hawaiian dress up birthday shindig.
Man… Dean was prepared; he had luau wall paper (I thought they were the actual walls…so deceiving!) coconut drinking glasses and piñata style palm trees. He also had a set of rules for example you cant say Dean’s name, don’t hold your glass in your left hand …so on and so forth… the consequences were two shots or lucky dip… which could have been worse than two shots
John made cocktails, very potent ones too…. I still don’t know what was in them…
It was very rowdy in the apartment! The land lord and other tenants kept on banging on the door like crazy people telling Steve (the roommate) to shut the “F” up…. I lost count at how many times the neighbors kept on banging the door down. Each time Dean walked away from them he would scream out “THEY SAID SICK PARTY MATE, KEEP IT GOING!!” I think the cops came too….

It was one the coolest house parties I have been to in a long time. When I woke up the next morning the place was absolutely trashed, beer glasses and plastic cups on the floor, dirt and vomit stains…feral but funny, when you’re in a tipsy or wasted state everything looks clean until you’re sober….

I will post pics soon..

Oh yeah… they are getting evicted…..

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My public holiday long weekend

I had quite an eventful long weekend. Saturday started off with my sister and me heading out to the city for Anna’s ‘Asian Fest’ birthday celebration:
* Yum Cha @ Marigold in Chinatown
* Watching the AFL game Swans VS WCE (I know not very Asian, but hey it was the grand finals!!! And the Swans lost…. I wanted to cry!!!)
* Karaoke (which I couldn’t attend).

Simone was there too and she will be heading overseas again, China. Lucky one I wish I had the luxury of picking up my things and leaving the country (but I know that will eventually happen… February 07’ baby!) It was great seeing Simon, she always brings a smile to my face, she may be the youngest in our little ex-Hype DC foursome but she sure is one of the mature ones.

I was also supposed to attend Tim’s Dad’s birthday BBQ but I couldn’t make that either due to the overlap in festivities, sorry Tito.

When I got home I ate dinner and got ready to meet Jacky, well I really didn’t get ready I basically wore the same thing during the day (I couldn’t be arsed) the only thing I changed was my shoes; ballet flats to boots.
So I drove down to Jacky’s house and surprise surprise, I was early no Filo time YAY!
Then we headed off to Clarette’s house, swapped cars then drove down to Campsie to get April. There were so many car changes and pit stops I was getting very confused.
Clarette being the hip chick that she is got us on the guest list at Privilege Bar. There was an over 21’s section of the club and we there to check it out. It wasn’t that crash hot to be honest, just like any other RnB club. And I have a new all consuming hate for bouncers. The bastard didn’t let us in the over 21 section, mind you he was letting all the semi cloths less females in bar us. I think he was against girls who wore more clothing. But if we were dressed like hookers and acted like bimbos it would have been a different story!
Some 18 year old kid wanted to dance with me, he got his wing man or should I say wing girl to ask me (so high school) but I declined, poor bugger he must have been shattered. I remember seeing him at the bar staring at me.
All in all I had a good night, it wouldn’t be complete without a Harry's and Maccas run so off we went. As we were driving home these feral guys thought it would be cool to drive along side of us, pick up perhaps… no chance!
Guy1: “Where we were going?”
April and Clarette: “The hospital”
Guy1: “Who’s in the hospital?”
April and Clarette: “YOUR MUM!”

I got home at 4:30 am and didn’t sleep till 5:00am. I freakin woke up at 8:15am!!!! Bloody oath!!!! 3 hours sleep! I have issues sleeping!!! So annoying!So next thing I knew it was Sunday.

Sunday was the Filipino Fiesta @ Rosehill; I went with Mara, JR and Sam. Tim was meeting us there. I love the Filo fiesta because all I do is eat at that joint. From 2pm-7:30pm all that I did was eat…. I ate with JR, Mara and Sam….. was with Tim, met up with Nino & co and ate….Tim finaalllly ate BALOT!!!! YAY so proud of him…. He is a true filo now..hahaha!

We saw Tim’s gay admirer Edwin, he was the hair and make-up artist for contestant number two for the beauty pageant. All the boys were excited because of the vain hope of possibly meeting contestant #2 due to our relations with Edwin. Dream on boys!

I saw a lot of people that I have not seen in a long time! You are always bound to bump into someone you know at the fiesta and you always end up smelling like BBG and fish balls! I finally got to eat Halo Halo, haven’t had one of those things in yonkos!

I had a feeling that The Australian- Filipina Magazine’s second issue would be launched at the fiesta, my psychic powers were correct. I was asked by Clarette’s cousin Anna if I wanted to be in the issue, so I gladly accepted. I was featured in the Vroom section…who would have thought me being interviewed for the auto section…hahaha…
When Tim and I saw the magazine’s stand we rushed over there to see if I was in it…. The lovely guy gave us a free copy, how nice.
The mag is a bi-monthly magazine visit or go to your local Mount Druitt or Blacktown news agency or Filipino food stores if you want to buy a copy…. Come on guys support this new magazine, even though you are not Filipino you will enjoy this magazine (I hope) because I am in it… joking! In all seriousness you will get to learn elements of our culture so on and so forth.

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Monday came and I had to leave to go to uni to meet up with my group mates for group work… I know uni on a public holiday…. But it had to be done…. We are such model students, attending uni whilst everyone was home hung over from the long weekend…
Surprisingly the two hours flew by and I was home in the blink of an eye…. Or should I say micro sleep whilst driving my car.

My relatives came over for a BBQ, no special occasion just dinner… Edwin was over to give Tim, JR and Dad a haircut… we interrogated him in regards to what happened during the pageant at the Filipino fiesta. He also told us about Claudine Baretto and Piolo Pascual (don’t know how to spell their names) because he did their hair and make-up and he was over at their hotel for lunch etc etc…. it’s always good to know hairdressers and make-up artists because they are bound to know or meet someone famous!
I love Edwin he is the best, too funny he is one character you would love to have at your dinner party…….Meanwhile he is persuading me to enter the pageant next year, I am very apprehensive about it… should I follow in the footsteps of my sister and enter a pageant or fuck it off… all I know is that I would be the biggest bogan; Im too much of a bloke ……who knows….. I’ll keep you posted…

Anyhow Tim’s haircut is cool as ice, I like it a lot. I guess it was about time he cut his hair. I dropped him home and ended up crashing at his house….. the next day Tim and his sister and I ended up going to the new and improved Liverpool Westfield and eating at good old Pho. I looked like the biggest hobo because I was wearing flip flops my old ratty maroon high school shorts and a grey wife beater, plus I couldn’t be arsed having a shower. Tim’s dad was shocked that I was going to rock up at a public place looking like that….. aaawwwww all the makings of a future beauty queen J

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rachelle's 21st

Some pics from Rachelle's Birthday.... JR made her cry.... he called her saying he was the bloke who owned the hall and for her to come later at 7pm because the septic tank went ballistic..... mind you we were going there at 2pm to prepare the hall and food.... poor bugger she cried becuase she was s000 stressed out! There was a lot of food left over, so right now im still eating left overs from saturday night! aha!
That's JR behind the MJ mask....scary!!!!!

This photo makes me laugh!!!!

Meanwhile... THE SWANS WON..... woot wooot!!!! The game was awesome, we were seated at the concourse... so we saw everything!!! I hope they win the Finals.... they are against West Coast.... come on the SWANS!!!!!! Freakin Liam was seated at the corporate box...boooo! ahahaha

Friday, September 22, 2006

AFL..... go the Swans!!!

Tonight Tim and I will be watching the footy @ Telstra Stadium.... its the preliminary finals.... Sydney vs Fremantle!!! YAY Go Sydney Swans!!! represent!!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This is just something to think about its by Marianne Williamson

'Our Deepest Fear is that We Are Powerful Beyond Measure '

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Hieu & Rhodora's Wedding!

They finally tied the knot after 7 years of dating!! unfortunately I did not get to attend the wedding because I had a stack of uni work to do.... but I did attend the reception (how Filo!). The reception was at Canley Vale and it was a really nice function hall.... very decptive from the outside!
The Vietnamese and Filo community came together to celebrate their special day... there was a Filo and Viet MC; to translate.... I saw a few familiar faces from attending Viet Mass, and old school and new school Antioch members were there..... Hieu and Rhodora are part of both hahahaha! All up there probably would of been 500 people, yes I know.... there were heaps of guests! The dance floor was murdered by all the teenagers, all getting their groove on.... I have to say a wedding isnt a wedding without doing the Nut Bush..ah bless Tina Turner
We had to leave the reception early because Mara had a severe allergic reaction to the seafood, that was really weird becuase she always eats seafood..... BUT SHE BROKE OUT IN SEVERE HIVES! It was really really bad, she couldnt even walk properly and her eyes were all teary...
So I drove to Liverpool Hospital to the emergency section..... she vomited outside the entrance....ewww! We got to the hospital at around 11:30pm and left at 2:30am.... we were there forever! but when she came out from seeing the doctor she was fine and dandy... so now she needs to get an allergy test etc. I also had work the next day, so I ws only on 4 hours sleep...zombie alert! but it's all good, at least Mara is all good in the hood.

The Bride: Rhodora

Tim & I

Tim & I

JR & Mara

Tim & I

Table # 15 with the happy couple!

VIP bridal party annie!

Verdi anyone?? stashed under our table and thats not even half of the bottles!

Penny's back from Perth...till wednesday :(

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


study study study.... well I am trying to anyway!! freak out! I have 3 assignments due back to back..... aahhh life as a uni student! HELP! Im am currently in STRESS MODE!!!

Damn .... I need to get ready for work!!!!

Pray for me peeps!!!

p.s DAN I didn't know you majored in Photomedia!!!! gimme some of your brain power.... you too Annie!

Friday, September 08, 2006


I love the old ads of Kate Moss for CK.... I also love the new ones.... She is one of my fashion icons, I love how her style is so chic and effortless....



Tuesday, September 05, 2006

B-day dinner with the Fam.

My birthday dinner @ Xic Loc (I think i spelt that wrong!) and then dessert at Max Brenner @ Parramatta. It was a really good night, it's been a long time since we have had a proper dinner with just all four of us. We arrived there at 7;00pm and stayed back till 10:00pm. All we did was have major conversations. So good, I love hearing about my parents childhood etc, I always forget that they had a life before my sister and I came along.
It's funny how you take on similar traits as your parents. My sister looks like my dad but she acts like my mum; social, talk-a-tive, life of the party, arty- farty and noisy. I on the other hand look like my mum but act like my dad; dont give a fuck, anti- social in some situations, the observer, loves to read, loves docos, gets the shits easy (oh wait the latter is all

I like Max Brenner!!

Mara & mum
Dad & I

Monday, September 04, 2006

happy birthday to me, your one hundred and three

More like 23.... yes you heard correctly.... as my friend said 'that sounds so wrong'... indeed. The day started out with me waking up at 6:22am.... far out sleeping problems!!! I couldn't get back to sleep, I was so annoyed.

At 12:00am my sister came into my room while I was alseep, with a candle lit. She woke me up saying..."Tine wake up...happy birthday" I woke up and she was giggling (the smart arse), I saw this big round head in my face with candle light shinning on it..... I turned around and said "F*UCK OFFFFFF!!!!" I was s0 tired, I just wanted to sleep.

When I got up this morning, there was a plate of seedy food and card on the floor from my sister. She got really old chocolates and biscuits from the kitchen, who knows how long they have been in our cupboards. I just laughed when I saw it, it such a Mara thing to do. I went into her room and apologised for swearing at her and thanked her for the food on the floor....she just cracked up laughing. So right now I am at Uni, I haven't done any of my assignments (because I am a bum). Shit I can't believe that it is my b-day.....

Tim is so cool and thoughful!!!! he made me a card, messages written on stone. He wrapped it up in a glass jar. I had to put the puzzle of stones together to read the message.
"Dear Maria,
I think there are only two things I need to say to you today:
Happy 23rd Birthday and nver ever ever EVER forget that I LOVE YOU with all my heart including my arteries, aorta, left and right ventricles and red and white blood cells
Always, Tim" my sexy bitch!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tito Ramon's 50th Birthday

I slept over Tim’s house on Friday. I was so buggered because I was only on 4 hours of sleep (damn you 6:00am shifts) so right now my sleeping patterns is totally out of sync! We watched LOST DVDs (totally awesome!) ate, ate, ate and ate.
The next day was even more laid back; I went skateboarding up and down his street, while he was mowing the lawn. It feels good to skateboard again; I felt a bit unco because it has been a LONG TIME SINCE. I was scared I was going to face plant it on the road, luckily I didn’t.

We got ready for my uncles birthday, surprise surprise I even used a blow dryer, man I don’t know how to use them things. I was struggling with the brush and the hot wind blasting on my hair and face.
Tim looked hot in what he was wearing; guys always look good in suits or uniforms, it is very clean cut…. and sexy….

So, Tito Ramon is officially 50. He sure as hell does not look 50; maybe it’s the Asian genes. His birthday party was held at a function hall in Liverpool, Tim and I didn’t even know that it existed. All the uncles and aunties came before hand to set up the hall, as usual the cousins and guests arrived at the party late, good old Filo time works like a charm. Aries and Russelle performed a dance sequence to ‘my humps’, although I wouldn’t call it a dance sequence because they were just dancing along to the song, it was so funny. The DJ played old early 80s & 90s tracks, all the parentals got into it and danced like they have never danced before (and so did my sister and I).

At 10pm they had a ‘special performance’ i.e. a stripper. All the men in the room got all excited they were all frothing at the mouth, it was disgusting. All the kids who came were ushered out of the hall. I knew that a stripper was going to be there and I was intending on watching. But then I walked out of the hall because it really is repulsive. I think I was the only person to walk out who were over 18… All the cousins stayed.
I have been to a strip club and watched what the women do and watched what the audience’s reactions were. I felt so disgusting in there and really perverted. That was my first and last time going to those places. I don’t think that it is a very reputable job. I can understand why some people do it, maybe for the money or it may make them feel sexually empowered. I just think that it is wrong. I don’t like the fact that it objectifies women in such a cheap way, dancing around semi naked or naked for money. There are some feminists out there who are all for sexual expression and sexual empowerment and there are other feminists out there who see that stuff as degrading etc, I guess I am part of the latter.

I was outside looking after all the minors, the funny thing was after a while all my cousins + partners and sister walked out… they were all saying… ‘gross she’s gross…so feral’ Tim said that she sat and rubbed up against him. I thought he was joking but when I saw the photos I just wanted puke and burn his clothes then and there. My cousins was saying to him “wash your clothes dude, you might have crabs on em’ or something”

Apparently the stripper looked strung out (probably on smack) her eyes kept on rolling about and dilated. Man I wouldn’t be surprised if she was on the drugs, she had to do it in front of 150 people. I guess courage drugs were on hand.

Enough about that, Tim had an admirer, Edwin AKA Shyna the gay make-up artist/ hairdresser. I guess Tim’s pretty boy looks were too awe inspiring for Edwin. He always gets a fan club everywhere we go either the females or the males. My cousins being the smartarses that they are started screaming out “” so Tim was forced to take pics with him.
Edwin is cool; I met him in the ladies toilets earlier on the night, while he was putting make-up on my aunties and mum. He was a make-up artist in the Philippines on channel 7. So he worked with the celebrities there. He worked at one of the salons, the name I can’t remember. But like I said to Tim he will be seeing more of ‘Shyna’ because he is related to my auntie, plus he will be at future gatherings….. cool he can do my make-up, yay my hairdresser woes are over, I don’t need to cut my own hair anymore!!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Friday Night

I had dinner at Newtown with Tim..... followed by Max Brenner at Parramatta..... It was so windy and cold, Sydney weather is f*cked up at the moment.... one minute it's a nice sunny day, the next minute its raining!!! I hate it!!!!!

Anyhow... dinner was great, I love the food... good old Japanese dinner boxes, I ate two...I know.. I know... Im a pig! Hey it beats starving yourself!!!! Plus I love my food (except CURRY!)
Tim and I were trying to figure out where to have dessert, there are a few gelato bars in Newtown, but it was too cold to eat that it for a nice summer evening!!! So we opted for Max Brenner.... that place rocks!!! I remember they have one in the Philippines at Greenbelt.. I think...
It was 10:30 at night and Max B. was packed with people.... more so the females.... I think a lot of the girls may have been PMS'in or broke up with their boyfriends.... I bet Max B. make most of their income off women.... chocolate and women go hand in hand, just like women and shoes.... I am definately going back there!!!! mmmmm chocccollattee!!!

my yummy dinner boxes!!!

@ Newtown estacion

I <3>

waiting for the train

we caught the GHETTO train!!!

Ghetto train love <3

Tim's pole dancing moves!

Fondue for two...YYUUUMM!