Sunday, August 27, 2006

Friday Night

I had dinner at Newtown with Tim..... followed by Max Brenner at Parramatta..... It was so windy and cold, Sydney weather is f*cked up at the moment.... one minute it's a nice sunny day, the next minute its raining!!! I hate it!!!!!

Anyhow... dinner was great, I love the food... good old Japanese dinner boxes, I ate two...I know.. I know... Im a pig! Hey it beats starving yourself!!!! Plus I love my food (except CURRY!)
Tim and I were trying to figure out where to have dessert, there are a few gelato bars in Newtown, but it was too cold to eat that it for a nice summer evening!!! So we opted for Max Brenner.... that place rocks!!! I remember they have one in the Philippines at Greenbelt.. I think...
It was 10:30 at night and Max B. was packed with people.... more so the females.... I think a lot of the girls may have been PMS'in or broke up with their boyfriends.... I bet Max B. make most of their income off women.... chocolate and women go hand in hand, just like women and shoes.... I am definately going back there!!!! mmmmm chocccollattee!!!

my yummy dinner boxes!!!

@ Newtown estacion

I <3>

waiting for the train

we caught the GHETTO train!!!

Ghetto train love <3

Tim's pole dancing moves!

Fondue for two...YYUUUMM!

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