Sunday, October 20, 2013

ebay Sale!

Over the years I've accumulated a sh*t load of vintage and thrifted clothes, it's my weakness. I can't walk past a Salvation Army store without having a browse and eventually leaving the store with purchased pre loved wears.

So now I am going to sell a few of those items on ebay, along with a few shoes I haven't really worn. I think it's time I let go and let someone else have a crack at pre-loved goodness. Items that are available for sale include tops, blouses, dresses and shoes.

Click here to see items on sale, prices start at $9.99 AUD.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Happy Birthday Raver Ria


Today marks this blog's 8th Birthday! Yay! It's strange to think that my Raver Ria blog has been floating around the World Wide Web for 8 years. It has evolved from it's early days of juvenile university and life ramblings of 2005-2007. To heavy image inspiration of the art, fashion and photography worlds during 2008. It documented my London life and European travels from 2009-2010, as well as other travel journeys to date. To chronicling my progress of learning photography- via my lomography "Lomo Love" Holga updates and my mini Girls and Boys photo series. And of last year my foray in black and white film photography and dark room processing.

Who knows how long this blog will run for, hopefully til I'm 80 years old, how rad would that be! But until then Happy 8th Blog Birthday Raver Ria! To the readers of this blog, whoever you are, thanks for continually dropping by.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Life Lately

Hello October!

I realised that the last time I posted something was late August (shame on me). So below is a collection of images via Instagram of what went down during September, namely, my birthday... Booyah! My dirty 30 was not so dirty- quite tame actually. The first day of Spring saw Tim and I take Bear on the Bondi to Bronte Beach walk- he lost his sh*t when he jumped out of the car. It was his first time leaving the west and entering the fresh beach air of the east. Toward the end of September it was an art, music and bridal shower love fest. Carriage Works had a brilliant contemporary international art fair. My friend Marc DL had a DJ set at The Argyle in the Rocks and one of my best mates, Luke, his band Pocketful of Soul performed at the Opera Bar in Circular Quay.

You can download Marc's music via Sound Cloud. He recently released his Sophomore mix tape which is brilliant. (click here to get ALL his mixes)

If you're in Sydney make sure you check out Pocketful of Soul, support Sydney live music! They will be performing at Opera Bar again this long weekend. (Click here to see where an when they are performing)