Friday, November 30, 2012

Japan on Film

TokyoKyotoHiroshimaOsakaOsakaHiroshima Osaka OsakaHiroshimaOsaka Kids
 All Images Shot by Me on a Richo 35ZF with Fujichrome Pro Velvia 100F

I took my Richo 35ZF to Japan on a whim. I really didn't know whether the camera would work. As I bought it at Trash and Treasure for $5 and I thought the vendor was lying in regards to it functioning.

But I was quite surprised that it did, and the camera produced lovely dream like images; dark and graining 35mm film goodness. Gosh I love film. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boys: Otis

Otis Otis OtisOtis
Photos shot by me

To kick of the Boys series, I shall start with Otis. My mates son, who quite frankly, is the cutest boy in the world. Doe eyed doll face, I couldn't stop saying "omg he is so freaking cute!" It's the chubby cheeks, dolly eyed, One Direction hair that gets me. This kid ate all of his hot chocolate and croissant, which now lives in his little pot belly.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hypebeast Magazine: HUF 2012 Fall/Winter “STANCE” Editorial

"Brian Kelley's “STANCE” showcases HUF‘s Fall/Winter 2012 collection through an exclusive and creatively startling style shoot for the 2nd issue of the Hypebeast Magazine".

I saw this shoot via flip book on my Samsung S3 and it's pretty epic and is now part of my photography inspiration archive. The perspective and layout is what got me and the menswear too. I'm a menswear addict, I think it may be my inner tomboy ways and I like the shape and fit. Previously working at Uniqlo supported this habit because they had awesome menswear. I'm definitely going to scope out HUF's collection. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Girls: Rachelle

Rachelle Rachelle Rachelle Rachelle Rachelle, the smartest bird in my family. Brains and beauty through and through. I shot these photos of her months ago, 11 hour work days leaves no time to post new content or to work on pictures I've shot. Alas, I have some black and white film pics I will post of Rachelle, you'll be seeing a lot of her on this blog, as she is the only person willing to model for me. She rules!