Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lomo Love: Elephant Nature Park

Elephant Nature Park is located in Northern Thailand in Chang Mai. It is a rescue and rehabilitation centre for elephants- some came from illegal logging, street begging, or were injured from land mines. The facility offers day trips where you learn about the herd and you also have a chance to bath and feed them. You can also volunteer for a longer period of time and the property has house loggings for guests.

The founder, Lek, created the park as a sanctuary for elephants to live in a peaceful environment. There are a little over 30 elephants and each has a story. The demeanour of these beautiful animals are definitely different of those who are working elephants- circuses, tour trekking operations etc. They are much healthier and treated with a lot more respect, physical abuse is not used to train the animals at the park. It is said that Thai elephants helped build Thailand and are greatly revered, it's unfortunate to know there are a lot more that aren't treated as humanely.

Elephant Nature Park Elephant Nature Park Elephant Nature Park

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Checking in

Hello internet friends!

Just checking in to say g'day because it's been a while since I've posted something. Life and laziness gets in the way of blogging.

Alas, there will be more posts- of the Lomo Love kind. Whats not to love about lomography, Holga cameras and film?! Yeeww!


Sunday, June 09, 2013

Lomo Love: Krabi

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Photos shot by Me.

Krabi's Tiger Cave Temple was one of the most brutal climbs I've done in a while. I could have easily fallen to my death, 1237 steps off the side of the mountain. I was a weezing/ gasping for air/ hot mess when the boyf and I reached the top, I air punched the sky with victory for making it. No pain no gain, I am glad that I pushed on through because the view was spectacular.

If you plan on doing the climb. I'd advise you do it in the morning, as it's a lot cooler. Also, a big bottle of water is a life saver too.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Cockatoo Island Part 2

Biennale 2012 Biennale 2012 Biennale 2012 Biennale 2012 Biennale 2012 Biennale 2012
Photos shot by Me

I've always been drawn to eerie, moody, pensive things. I'm glad that these photos sort of turned out that way, a cross between the mood of The Virgin Suicides and an industrial Twin Peaks. Cockatoo Island is a UNESCO world heritage site, that was once a convict penal establishment (convicts were relegated to hard labor), it was also a reform school and ship yard. It is situated in Sydney harbour at the junction of Parramatta and Lane Cove rivers. This place has the ability to make you feel extremely isolated, you forget that you are in major city. The mood is cold and there is an odd sense of something lurking in the shadows. If you were to stay here by yourself, you'd probably go mad. With it's large warehouses that once inhabited ships, the metal frames feel as though it would collapse on you at a moments notice. There are underground tunnels, sand stone forts and high stairs that lead to the look out point- the height renders you to vertigo. I like how the island is used as an art venue. However, I think one of the downsides of this is the abundance of space. Sometimes I find art exhibitions don't maximise the use of the landscape to it's full potential.