Friday, August 24, 2018

Portraits: Marsh Mora

I had the pleasure of shooting Marsh a couple of months back at the Reservoir in Paddington. I randomly saw (stalked) him at Bondi Beach on the tail end of Summer. I couldn't get over his tattooed face, not something that is common in Sydney (unless you are part of some gang). People's first impression of him is that he is a bikey or someone who'd stab you for your money. In actual fact, he was the opposite- calm, curious and an all round cool cat. He is a tattoo artist in his native country, Germany. He definitely needs to move to LA or London to model because I feel he has a certain look that will appeal to that region. Anyway, here are a couple of shots I took of him.

Marsh Mora
Marsh Mora
Marsh Mora
Marsh Mora

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Rankin x Sergei

Photography/Motion and ballet-  when they collide magic happens. I watched a collaboration between photographer Rankin and ballet dancer Sergei Polunin (who i love) on YouTube. I love the aesthetic and style in they way it is filmed. One of my goals is to have a portrait session with Sergei, one day it will happen.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Photo Diary May 2017 to May 2018

Wow, has it really been that long since I've posted?? Jeeeez Louise! I thought about writing an essay of what has happened in the last year, but a photo diary will suffice. To give you context.. I've been shooting Attic Sydney parties for my pals Andrew and Brendan who run the brand. South America; I visited Cuba, Chile, Peru and Argentina (woohoo!). I also knocked a couple of portraits out too.

Off tangent, I've updated my side panel with a SHOP RAVER RIA button. You can purchase my Cuba and South America travel photo book I published. Click on the button to take a peek ;) I will be adding photography prints to the shop soon. Watch this space for announcements!

Photo Diary

Photo Diary

Photo Diary

Photo Diary

Photo Diary

Photo Diary Photo Diary

Photo Diary

Photo Diary Photo Diary

Photo Diary

Photo Diary Photo Diary

Photo Diary

Photo Diary Photo Diary

Photo Diary

Monday, May 15, 2017

Attic Sydney x Nachtbrater x SASH Sundays

Hey Pals, man talk about being MIA of late. A lot have things have been happening like Attic Sydney's 2nd party instalment with headline act Nachtbraker at the Civic Underground. Nachtbraker AKA Maurits is a down right legend and is hella funny, as well as being a talented Producer and DJ. Below is a photo diary of last week's festivities - when all three boys were DJing at SASH Sundays
Keep scrolling below, you'll be able to listen to Attic's set that they recorded on the day.

Maria Cristina Cruz
Maria Cristina Cruz
Maria Cristina Cruz
Maria Cristina Cruz
Maria Cristina Cruz
Maria Cristina Cruz
Maria Cristina Cruz
Maria Cristina Cruz

*All photos shot by yours truly.

Friday, October 21, 2016

SUNSTUDIOS Pop Up Gallery Melbourne for Assistants & Emerging Photographer Award

Hey Pals,
My Melbourne friends. Head down to SunStudios Melbourne today, Friday 21st of October 6PM-8PM. For their Pop Up Gallery opening night for this years Assistants & Emerging Photographer Award. You'll be able to see the portraits I shot of Kane that placed Runners Up. Show runs until the 4th of November. of Kane that placed Runners Up. Show runs until the 4th of November.

Friday, September 16, 2016

An Ode to Rembrandt and 17th Century Dutch Still Life Painters

Rembrandt is one of my favourite painters. It's his beautifully crafted portraits and the way he manipulates and uses light to evoke emotion, as well as planting curiosity in the viewer is the reason his art arrests me. I've always been inspired by 17th Century Dutch painters, particularly ones that paint floral arrangements.

This photograph I shot over the weekend is an ode to Rembrandt, his counterparts and the era of the Dutch Golden Age.

Birthday Flowers

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Runner Up - SunStudios- Assistants and Emerging Photographer Award Exhibition

A week ago from today I was lucky enough to be awarded Runner Up for my portraits of Kane Trubenbacher in the SunStudios Assistants and Emerging Photographer Award.

To say that I was shocked was an understatement. Throughout the night I kept dropping the F-bomb (what's new?!) from sheer surprise/amazement/joy.  The yelling and cheering from my work colleagues, who are a part of the Sydney photographic community, caught myself and patrons off guard. Thank you for your squeals and cheering! To my family and friends who turned up, thank you! To judge Ingvar Kenne, thank you for your kind words and thank you for voting for my photographs. To SunStudios thank you for holding such an esteemed event for up and coming photographers and assistants in the industry, as well as encouraging, promoting, nurturing talent. Congratulations to Peter Sharp for First Place and Felipe Neeves for receiving Highly Commended, both your images are wonderful and I am happy to be placed amongst such fine photographers.

There are moments as a creative that you look at your work and doubt what you're producing. But it's milestones like this where you are reminded that you are on the right path. In saying that, I hope to create more photographs that tell stories that people can emotionally gravitate to.

Event Photographs by Nick Turner

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

SunStudios- Assistants and Emerging Photographer Award Exhibition - Thursday 8th Sept, 6pm-8pm

Some exciting news Pals! I'm a finalist for this year's SunStudios Assistants and Emerging Photographer Award. Still can't believe it. Opening night is tomorrow evening, so if you're in Sydney head down. Details below!

This years finalists include:
Alex Brunton
Bernadette Bayley Smith
Daniel Mazzarella
Ebony Kate Dennis
Emy Dossett
Felipe Neves
Heather Raadgever
Henrique Fanti
Henry Lou
Joel Pratley
Maria Cruz
Michael Elkins
Michelle Lake
Nic Gossage
Nick Lawrence
Niki Gudex
Peter Sharp
Ryan Creevey

Image (c) Gibson Fox

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Surface and Symbol

One of the reasons why I enjoy photographing flowers is for their beauty, as well as their darkness. I always say that I prefer dead ones, there is more character in them. Wilted, brown with flickers of colour from when they were alive. Flowers are given in time of celebration as well as in death. The later is what I'm drawn to most.  All beautiful things age, it's the transient nature of youth and beauty. Which, I believe, is something that we shouldn't hold onto. In this fleeting moment, I capture  these flowers in their prime and glory. But I also look forward to when they age because there is also beauty in their death.  

Flowers x Raver Ria Flowers x Raver Ria Flowers x Raver Ria

Photographed @ Studio Mondo

Sunday, June 05, 2016

TA-KU | Vivid Sydney

A short photo diary of Vivid Sydney 2016 and TA-KU's concert last Friday night. I was fortunate enough to attend his artist talk which was a part of Vivid's program. I respect him even more as an artist and person. He is humble and an inspiration, particularly to young up and coming producers. I respect how real, raw and unapologetic he is about his emotions and sensitivities - which resonates in his music. TA-KU has no musical background, but it's a testament that passion, practice, faith and work ethic will get you through.

TA-KU x Vivid Sydney 2016 TA-KU x Vivid Sydney 2016 TA-KU x Vivid Sydney 2016 TA-KU x Vivid Sydney 2016

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Floral Photography Collaboration | Vanessa Timmins

The aspects I love about working for a photography studio is meeting an array of like-minded creative folk. Case in point, stylist Vanessa Timmins.

One weekend I was in studio photographing flowers, she was on a styling job next door and was unaware that I take photos in my spare time. We swapped details and voila a collaboration was set.

Below is what we created, her floral arrangement skills is impeccable!

20160123-RaverRia_024 20160123-RaverRia_033 20160123-RaverRia_074 20160123-RaverRia_126
Photography: Yours truly
Stylist: Vanessa Timmins
Location: Studio Mondo