Sunday, August 27, 2006

Friday Night

I had dinner at Newtown with Tim..... followed by Max Brenner at Parramatta..... It was so windy and cold, Sydney weather is f*cked up at the moment.... one minute it's a nice sunny day, the next minute its raining!!! I hate it!!!!!

Anyhow... dinner was great, I love the food... good old Japanese dinner boxes, I ate two...I know.. I know... Im a pig! Hey it beats starving yourself!!!! Plus I love my food (except CURRY!)
Tim and I were trying to figure out where to have dessert, there are a few gelato bars in Newtown, but it was too cold to eat that it for a nice summer evening!!! So we opted for Max Brenner.... that place rocks!!! I remember they have one in the Philippines at Greenbelt.. I think...
It was 10:30 at night and Max B. was packed with people.... more so the females.... I think a lot of the girls may have been PMS'in or broke up with their boyfriends.... I bet Max B. make most of their income off women.... chocolate and women go hand in hand, just like women and shoes.... I am definately going back there!!!! mmmmm chocccollattee!!!

my yummy dinner boxes!!!

@ Newtown estacion

I <3>

waiting for the train

we caught the GHETTO train!!!

Ghetto train love <3

Tim's pole dancing moves!

Fondue for two...YYUUUMM!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

nudie, nudie, nudie, nudie rockin everywhere

Yesterday was yet another boring day at I seriously don't know why Merc, Tim and I go to the Advertising Campaign lecture.. I hope that I am subconsciously taking the information in...
Anyhow the highlight of the day was probably treking it to the city. The reason for yesterday's field trip was to go to Incu and the Nudie store to try on a pair of size 25 'Tight Katies'.... Tim was going to buy them for me *sugar daddy* for my birthday.... yes I am turning old! I may look like a 18 or 19 year old... but let me tell you I am an old fart!
So why Nudie???? They are a cult jeans brand from Swedan home of Ikea... The low down is you dont wash them for a year or 6 months if you cant handle it... All the creases from you wearing it 24/7 will show up after you wash it.... you can put random stuff in your pockets if you want and it will show up after washing.... for an example look at the pic below of Tim's Nudies (the bastard has 2 pairs).... his mum accidently washed them too early... (he cried himself to sleeep) you can vaguely see the Smint mints packet (it looks like the filo flag).... General Pants have stockd them recently so you can buy it there.... but I have heard from the Nudie forum website (die hard Nudie consumers) that the 'cool' kids from GP dont know their shit when it comes to the jeans... and apparently Nudie is planning to take em off the GP shelves.... Tim went into GP one day to test the theory on whether or not they knew the 411 on Nudies.... and they or 1 kid didn't... the bloke didnt even know you were not suppose to wash em for a long time... he tried to make it out he did...
Tim: so... what makes these jeans so good??
G.P boy: aahhh you know... they're like dry denim... they're like any other jeans
Tim: i heard your not suppose to wash em for about a year
G.P boy: really? ooh yeah ..that too...
naughty naughty i think someone needs to get product trained!!!
Anyhow......Unfortunately Incu did not have the 'Tight Katies' but they did have the 'Long Johns".... ah dont you just love the names of their jeans! So I tried those buggers on..... and to my enevitable demise... they did not fit me..... I needed a size 24... the nice sales bloke did try to help... but I just wanted to roll up in a ball and cry... but I did have hope the 'Tight Katies' were probably the slimmest fit so maybe the 25 would fit....
Tim and I treked it to the Nudie store in Paddington.... alas they did have my beloved 'T.Ks' so I eagerly went to the change room and whacked them on.... yet again like the 'Long Johns', the 'T.Ks' did not fit...... DAMN YOU SIZE 25.... DAMN YOU MY ANOREXIC LEGS!!!! Alas, alas...... the girl working there informed us that Nudie will be making size 24's next year...... so hopefully when the sizes come out it will fit me....
Far out I hate shopping for jeans!!! I always have issues because I am so skinny... yes I eat and yes I have a hard time putting on weight.... The only jeans that ever fit me are Lee jeans in size 6 (bless) and some of the jeans at Supre because their sizes are Small, Extra Small, Extra Extra Small and (drum roll) 3XS..... yes I fit into 3XS.... 3 freakin extra small.... who would of thought someone made those sorts of sizes....
But in replacement for those jeans... Tim bought me a pair of new nice round toe high heel shoes from Mollini.... I really love them.... I will be wearing them to our date this Friday night.....
Tim and I

"i like a cookie"
Merc and Tim... yes they are cousins

The Mollini shoes tim bought me for my birthday

Sunday, August 20, 2006

So.... you want to be a model aye.....

Last night I attended Model Quest 2006 (Mosaik Productions) at The Roxy in Parramatta with Tim, Mara and JR...
I realised that each time I go to a Filipino event it is always with Tim, Mara and JR...

Anyhow... some bloke Lee and some sheila Angela won.... I didnt mind that Lee won, actually I wanted him to win the male division, I dont know him personally or in general, but I thought he had the model 'look' down pat.... *blue steel baby*
On the other hand, Angela, I was surprised that she won. Along with a lot of people in the crowd. I wanted female contestants 1 or 3 to win... but oh well, it's all good. All I can say is good luck to them both with their future modelling careers.

I really liked the introduction and production of the event. It was a carnival theme... very BRASIL! I loved the costumes that they wore.. awesome... feathered head dresses, skimpy bikinis, fisherman pants etc etc... it may sound slutty, but it wasnt... think Rio Carnival.... thats what it was like...

I applaud all 16 contestants for entering, they really have balls. They all get put under the microscope when they are on stage/ catwalk, getting scrutinized can kill your ego, so I guess you really need to be thick skinned to enter such competitions.
I really want Tim to enter next year...ehehe... I think he has a chance of winning....

JR & Mara

Mara. Tim & I

Mara... bored at intermission

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Manhattan Pizza

for the fashion junkie female.... you will love this site (annie!!!!)...

I spoke about JR's brother's, Glen & Dean, pizzeria/ cafe @ Camperdown.... So here's the flyer...

If you are from Sydney, I suggest you all pop in for a bite. They really do have delicious pizzas, and they have killer cheesecakes!!! It is one of those little gems of a place that is hidden, it's off Parramatta Road, so go guys!!!!

You can't read the address properly, so here it is:

Purkis Street, Camperdown
Trading hours: Tuesday- Sunday 5:00pm- 10:30pm

Monday, August 07, 2006

Mara's 24th Birthday

It was my sister's birthday yesterday!! she is officially old! like Annie... hahaha .....happy belated birthday Annie, for the 3rd of August.

Last Friday night:
Anna, Sim, Mara and I had dinner at a Spanish restaurant in Liverpool St in the city. They had flamenco dancers, can they bash their feet or what, I was almost deaf after their performance.
We also went to Black Bird for some very yummy dessert.... mmmm cheesecake!!!

Sim and I

Anna & Mara

Sim and I

Mara and Sim

Rey, Simon, Ben and Gas were in the City too, so we met up with them. Man those boys are funny they crack me up, so loud and so crazy!!! Quote of the night "i'm out of my cage... i'm out of my leash" by the one and only BEN!

Gas, the other Sim, Mara, Ben and Rey

Last Saturday night:
I had dinner with my mum, dad, Mara, JR and Tim, for Mara's b'day.... I was in really shitty mood! really bad!!! The whole day just pissed me off, it was lack of sleep, the food ..arrgghhh everything, but I eventually got over it... when I ate chocolate...
We also went to JR's brothers' pizza parlour!!! so nice! and the Pizza was good too and the cheesecake...yummo!!!