Thursday, May 29, 2008

Kareena Zerefos

*Illustrator envy alert*
Kareena Zerefos, I first saw her work at various exhibitions at Monster Children, Curvy and a collaboration (stupidkrap) at MTV Gallery.... I love her illustrations, so whimsical, childhood yesteryear and dreamy... (she should have her illustrations featured in Lula magazine!!)..
Well if you like what you see, she is having a solo exhibition.... here are the details
HOW MUCH: FREE (yes... you read correctly... FREE!)

creative block

I am feeling some what uninspired in taking pictures
I just need to pick up my Holga and shoot shoot shoot.
I sort of have a theme in mind...
Hopefully this Saturday will inspire me to take photos (I'm meeting up with my classmates and teacher... so we can catch up and put our photographs in Blender Gallery)

I realised that I haven't sewn in a long long long time! I think it's time to clear the dust off the sewing maching and overlocker....

Monday, May 26, 2008

Lomo Love Update

For one of my assignments I took pictures of Tim's sister. The theme was 'jaded statuesque girl'.
I tried to create a whimsical dark feeling.... but i'm not to sure if i nailed it... I used my Holga 120 CFN camera to take the shots...

Check out:

Holga 120 CFN: Statuesque 12th May 08

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lomo Love Update (Just Shoot Shop/ Blender Gallery News)

I had my last class for the Holga workshop on the Saturday that passed :(

We will be meeting again in two weeks (on the 31st of May) for coffee/ catch up and for one of our photographs to be placed in the front window of the Just Shoot Lomography Shop/ Blender Gallery (YAY!) Im so excited! All I have to do is print off my chosen photograph to an A5 size and I'm good to go...

Meanwhile, I have updated my multiply site.... check it out:

"Holga 120 CFN: Liverpool 10th May 08"

Friday, May 16, 2008

Paul Empson

This is one of my favourite fashion photographs. It is shot by Paul Empson for Russh Australia (my favourite magazine!) Issue 22. I swear he has rocking images!! visit his site

Age Gap

Last night my sister and I attended the music practice for the 'Shake Up' event we are co-ordinating with other youth groups within the Blacktown area.
Just hanging out with them made us realise how old we were. These guys were full of energy, borderline ADHD. And by ADHD, I mean Ferdie screaming out "THIS IIS MACCA--AAAs!!!!" while we were eating McDonalds at Woodcroft...
My sister and I are probably one of the most immature twenty- somethings you'll come across. But chilling with the youth of Marayong Parish made us feel our true ages. When I pondered a bit more I realised that when I was in Year 12 they were in Year 7.... scary... Oh my, is this anxiety screaming due to the nearing quarter of a century age mark??
Now I know how Christina felt when she attended the Antioch Weekend and as she says "they keep me young".


Lomo Love Update

I have updated my album with pictures from the Holga workshop I am currently taking...

check out:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Kills

I bought their album (Midnight Boom) a couple of months ago... and it is getting some serious rotation on my ipod.
I love the mood of the songs... I feel it has a dark and haunting air to it... the lyrics are poetic.... her voice, I find, is mesmerising.... and i love the guitar riffs!!
I have always wanted to be a rock star.... and if i ever do become one.... I would love to be in their band!
*Photograph by Knotan (

Friday, May 09, 2008


I was reading my sister's Desktop magazine and I read an article how Polaroid has now stopped manufacturing their instant film!!
I am really cut about it! This beautiful medium of photography will no longer exist (hopefully another manufaturer will pick up the rights to make the film *stares at Fuji*)

This beautiful piece of photographic art should be saved and preserved..... there are a lot of people that want it to stay alive (myself included).

Viva la Polaroid!

Check out:

Lomo Love Update

I have uploaded new Holga pics to my multiply account... Check out:

"Bag of goodies. April/ May 08' Holga CFN"

  • Lomo Love:I heart my Holga

  • Seeing double

    Monday, May 05, 2008

    Miss V's photoshoot

    I just had to post this because I reckon my mate looks freakn awesome in these shots!
    (Vicky, I hope it's ok that I posted this up. You look f*cking awesome I just couldnt resist!! :) )


    Sunday, May 04, 2008


    This is one blog that I stalk from time to time ( . He is a very entertaining writer and knows his fashion better than anyone else.
    So I was very surprised to see him in the pages of The Sun Herald newspaper I bought today. It seems that Sydney fashion week flew him down here (front row) to watch the shows. I reckon he died of excitement when he got that call!

    I heart Bryanboy!

    Holga/ Diana Workshop

    I have been yearning to do some sort of photography course for a while now, the searching (and yearning) is now over.
    I had my first class yesterday. I am so glad I enrolled I absolutely love it. I’m doing a Holga & Diana workshop at the Blender Gallery/ Just Shoot Lomography Shop with Tim Hixson. It makes it even more awesome because its all about the Holga (and Diana) and lomography!

    Our classroom was in the backyard of the Just Shoot Shop/ Blender Gallery, there are only seven people in our class and I love it because it is so cosy and such a warm and lovely environment to learn in. Everyone is relatively new to the Holga camera, however they are very much in love with what it can do and the whimsical photos it can produce.
    Tim is an awesome teacher (he looks like Donnie’s father, in the film Donnie Darko). Tim gave us a run down on the camera and the various modifications he made to his cameras. You can see and feel his passion when he speaks about the Holga, his work and other photographers work (there was a Holga/ Diana exhibition in Blender Gallery, and we went around analyzing the work). One of our classmates, Andy, took that class for the second time around. He also had a few of his photographs exhibited in the gallery. He sold his first photograph whilst we were in lecture mode, how awesome! I think we were more excited than he was!! Haha.
    I left that class not wanting it to end. So I can’t wait till next Saturday when we go to Tim’s studio.

    Oh, I saw Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. As I was waiting (with 2 other students) outside the Just shoot Lomography store, A Lexus was parking a couple of meters away from us. Then Orlando stepped out, then Miranda got out of the car (she was parking). I later found out they came into the store whilst we were in the backyard learning.

    Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a few pics from Friday night when I went to Space with Luke because he was DJing. My night as a roadie…. As AJ would say “bag bitch”.