Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Inspiration | 'Flowers on Fire' by Photographer Georges Antoni

Beautiful work by Australian born photographer Georges Antoni, who also has a brilliant body of fashion photography work.

Two things that get me going- fire and roses. I find that there is something symbolic about these images - roses, love, fire, consumed, melancholy, madness. I might be looking into it too much, Georges may just like flowers on fire - it could be as simple as that. It'd be interesting to know what inspired the series.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

ONA | Stylish Camera Bags

A work mate put me onto the brand ONA. I find that camera bags are clunky and quite obvious as to what they are. ONO creates stylish bags that are discrete. Tracey Foster's (the founder of ONA) vision is to 'offer style-conscious photographers bags and accessories that complemented their life and style" which I believe she has done. The Bowery, The Camps and The Palma are definitely on my wish list.

To have a peep of their great range click here, make sure you check out check out the blog via the site too.

The Bowery

The Camps

The Palma