Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pictures: Karaoke & Redroom

The always lovely Marie sent me some photos from Erika's Birthday bash.... I totally forgot I asked for them, but it was a nice surprise.... so here they are.... some of them are hilarious, I forgot how much fun I had that night. Once again thanks Marie for the pics!!!! .... I just realised that Erika is not in any of the photos!
Karaoke World:

Adele and I trying to sing!

singing her heart out!



Steph & I

Steph, Adele & Vicelle

Nelson & I

Nelson, Steph and I

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Happy 22nd Birthday!!!
Anna is one of my closest friends and today is her big day!!! Yay your getting old like me...mwuahaha!! I absolutely love you like a second sister, and I think you already know that! You are my guidence counsellor, my walking self help book and best of all the girl I can entrust anything with. We have been through a lot together. We have seen each go through high school qualms, failed relationships, numerous phone conversations and emails, the list goes on!
I know you will succed in your career and I believe that you will truely reach your goals. I really admire you in many ways, your humour, your character, your positive attitude. i love you girl!
once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

*EDIT* Goodbye Advertising Strategy, hello skateboard!

Today was the last class for Advertising Strategy, our final assignments were handed in and a short class followed. I never participate in class... Im the girl who sits and listens and absorbs whats going on.... and when Im bored, I tend to leave for about 15 mintues to go on a short nomadic walk or stare out the window and daydream.... yes Im a bludger! mwuhahahaha!

Anyhow TIM BOUGHT A SKATEBOARD!!!! it's a gorgeous purple and orange Element board. I will post pictures of it later..... Im so excited because I now have a skateboard buddy. After a 2 year hiatus, Im making a conscious decision to start skateboarding again... and Im G-ed up, even though im pretty sh*thouse...hahhaha! but atleast i can do one trick... the easiest...manuels! haha!

We also went to Salvos and Tim picked up a retro tweed blazer for $6 (bargain alert!) and I picked up some granny tops.... yes I love my grandma clothes..... I may need to make some alterations to it though...hopefully it turns out okay....

Meanwhile...Im infatuated with Tim's skateboard..... although.... my one is better....mwuahahah!

Happy camper...he has a new toy!

Fly me away

I love this artwork.... Im not entirely sure who created it though. It says on the back its by Ilse van Garderen from 'Careless Water' (Linocut artist's book)

So how did I stumble across it??? Well at uni actually... there are a few Avant Card stands floating around the campus, it's basically a free postcard stand.. Im the geek who sometimes takes a few arty farty ones... I picked it up last year in 1st semester while I was waiting for my sister to finish class.

I have this little postcard artwork thingy pinned on my pinboard, along with other inspirational photos that I find appealing..... It's quite a dark piece, it always stirs up my emotions every time I look at... I guess I love it so much because it represents who I am and how I feel.... every time I look at it, I always get a phrase in my head.... "fly me away" .... The girl in the image looks quite pensive, uncertain, hoping not to fall on the bare tree branches. She has this pelican with her, Im not too sure why, possibly for comfort... She stares below seeing her environment, I always wonder why is she looking down? why is she flying away????... I love it how she floats in the air, it looks so peaceful yet jaded....

I am drawn to this artowork, I just LOVE IT!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Not very productive....

I have been staring at my computer screen and text books for about two hours now... I am finding it hard to concentrate on my uni work...damn.... dont you just hate that.... when you know you have essays to do, you can feel time passing away and you have a constant strain of writers block!!! no???......Well I get it all the time! bloody oath Im too much of a daydreamer... Im too pensive!!

I was listening to David Bowie's album. Man I love that song Space awesome... David Bowie is awesome....

Tim and I watched The Da Vinci Code yesterday. I actually liked it... It stayed true to the book... which was good.... But Tom Hanks as Langdon.... the jury is still out on that one..... I think someone else should of played that role..... "Forrest Gump" kept on popping into my head."run Forrest run!!!".. im too jaded..... BUT Audrey was excellent. She is absolutely beautiful! I also loved how they intertwined the "historical" scenes with the present scene.... it looked sO surreal and lucid, the graphics were crazy....

Tim and I roamed around the City, It's been a while since we actually hung out.... I mean, we see each other everyday at uni...but thats different, pure business or should I say pure study.... yeah right..hahaha...
There were people performing capoeira on the corner of Town Hall, later we realised they were promoting a new drink.....Twist.... I think thats what it is called..... But yeah, they were amazing! these blokes were absolutely beefed up, it was intimidating. I was scared that I was going to get smacked in the face, when they were doing there maneuvers!!! They also had the whole drums thing going on..... I love Brazilian music.... when I heard the beat of the drums, I just wanted to break out in spontaneous dance sequences! But Tim wouldnt of liked that, he probably would of just walked away yelling "I dont know this random girl!"
I want to learn capoeira now, be agile and sh*t! But I would look so unco...this skinny ass girl doing flips, kicks etc!!!! hahahaha.... just thinking about it makes me laugh!


back to reality.....shit.... I need to do uni work!!!!! ........F#*K this im going to bed!!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

home alone

Now I know how Tim felt when his mum and sister were overseas..... being home alone and bored sh*tless!!!! Technically Im not alone, my sister is here with me.... but there are moments when I am in the company of myself.... and let me tell you, my boredom threshhold is at it's peak right now. I have novels, DVDs, and music to read, watch and listen to, but they are not doing any justice right now.... Sh*t maybe I should do my Uni assignmnets!
I remeber laughing to myself when Tim would whine about being bored, but I take it back, I feel ya!!!

My parentals are overseas at the moment and it feels like they have been gone forever! Very strange! Im so jealous that they are in The Philippines and soon to be USA....Damn I should get cracking with saving $$$$ to travel to a far away land!.....
But I gave them a list of things to buy for me:
1. the Preview magazine from the Philippines....
2. a new pair of Converse All Stars.... its cheaper in the Philz...ah bless!
3. American Apparel Thigh High Socks or a hoodie.... they dont have a store in Australia....

I hope they get around to buying those things for me, but if they don't, its all good in the hood.

Friday, May 12, 2006

QLD Photos

Here are just a few pictures from Queensland, I cannot be arsed posting it all.... ps I look horrid in them

Our Apartment
nice lil' view at night...45 floors up= vertigo central!
The pool.... it is much larger than this....this photo does not do any justice to its actual size

Tom, Ruben, Jaxx and Tim


Tim humping my leg

being a tourist with the kangaroos! oohhhh Skippy loves me!

April, Clarette and Tim

Jaxx, Ruben and Tim

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Karaoke & Redroom

I just want to holla out to Erika for an excellent Saturday night..... once again Happy Birthday... To all the girls, I had so much fun with you guys!!! hahaha!!! so hilarious, especially Buttz! It was great seeing Vanzon, so unexpected!

I just have to say I have the worst singing voice, I could feel the blood dripping from my ears! I lost my voice at the end of the night from all of our screaming into the microphone & all the screaming when I was talking to people at the club

Redroom (it sounds like a bloody brothel!), I have to say was actually quite great! My personal perceptions of that place has shifted = great! And luckily I didn't have suicidal tendencies, unlike my 1st experience there! But I guess it all depends on who you go out with that will make or break the night.

Friday, May 05, 2006

random thoughts

Why do people (especially girls) put raunchy photos of themselves on their profiles for Friendster, myspace etc????? Well I guess there are millions of answers, maybe to get the most hits on their profile site or maybe they think it’s liberating or to attract a male audience??? I find these images quite disturbing, even more so when these are images of young teenage girls….

Why do these young educated, women of tomorrow have to reduce themselves to red light entertainment images? Maybe this is my conservative side rearing its ugly head and inducing me to write this entry, but I guess it’s something that bothers me so I need to write about it.

I remember when I was growing up things were much simpler. My friends and I didn’t care for make-up or what’s the latest fashion must have, we didn’t even care about boys. I guess we were in our own little world acting a fool and just plain old enjoying each others company and maybe indulging in the latest gossip, and for one thing sex was taboo (even though there were a few girls in our Year 8 class doing the deed).

Sex is everywhere in our culture. And it’s depressing when some teenagers think it’s cool to have that ‘sexy’ image. I guess we live in an era where these images are to an extent accepted by the public or we are just becoming desensitized to it all.

In my opinion once you put pictures of yourself like that on your profile, blog or website. You portray a certain image. Ok I’m going to be blunt here but it just looks cheap and it basically undermines your intelligence. People’s rebuttal may be “it’s just a photo… I’m not really like that…” but a picture can paint a thousand words and the next person looking at that image won’t think so. Yes it may look ‘cool’ towards your friends or the other kids your aiming it to, but in reality it doesn’t.
I guess I value intelligence and I guess it’s something my parents have instilled in my sister and I….. knowledge really is power. And I hate it when I see the next generation of young girls replacing their intellect for bimbo and slutty personas.

Being a teenager and growing up can be hard, but at least do it in a dignified way; because it’s your actions that define you.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I just came back from Queensland! It was a nice little get away! I went with:

Surprise surprise April and Clarette were also there, so we met up with them... funny lads! love you girls!
Also met up with Franz a few times...... sorry to say my friend, but I thought QLD would offer us a better clubbing experience, but like you said we came on the wrong days!!!! I HOPE WEDNESDAYS AND THURSDAYS WERE AS GOOD AS YOU SAID!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA.... sorry if we left early dude!!!!! one love!

We stayed at Q1 apartments .... I have to say that place is absolutely chic!!!! It's one of the tallest residential buildings, but not anymore because they are developing a bigger one soon...but it is one of the nicest apartments I have stayed in, they go for 1 to 2 million dollars a pop, even higher i think!!!!!... heres the link to Q1, check it out guys!

I will post some pictures later.....


Today was our group presentation. Thanks MERC you pretty much did all the work so I have to make that known to the world!!!! Luckily things ran smoothly and I think we did quite a good job..well sort of, our hearts stopped when we had a 10 second PowerPoint malfunction! BUT our tutor thought it was 'terrific', which is awesome feedback coming from her! but I was pretty out of it whilst presenting, coming home at 12:30am from a very turbulant flight + lack of sleep for 4 days never helps!


Tonight was Stephanie's graduation dinner. Her little brother and sister have grown up fast!!!! I still remember when they were young'uns!!!
It was great seeing the other girls. The food was awesome, Steph tell your mum she is a killer in the kitchen!!!! AND SURPRISE MARIE WAS THERE!!!!! it's been three months since I have seen her!!!!!

Boooo! i have to start on my other assessments for Uni!