Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008


G'day all.
I hope everyone had/ is having a brilliant Christmas :)

I was tagged by electric feel (THANK YOU!!) to list 7 random things about myself....
Ok here I go.

1) When I doodle the only things I draw are cubes, because that's the only thing I can draw.

2) I was an extra in The Matrix when it was filmed here in Sydney. And yes, Keanu is hot.

3) I was a sleep walker when I was a wee child. Think The Ring and The Grudge... That's what I looked like when I roamed the house.

4) I am obssessed with Granda blouses.

5) I am obssessed with Granda dresses.

6) I rarely sweat.

7) I wanted to be like my big sister when I was young.

So now I have to tag 5 people.
Rich Hippie
Happy Because
Song of Style
My Charlie Girl
The Fashion Addict

What I miss....

Our conversations

Our play fights

The blank, vacant and brooding stares

The ink that adorns your beautiful body

The Hugs

When I am emo and cry... and you hug and comfort me

....When I comfort you....

The kisses

I miss you this much

You know how they say distance makes the heart grow fonder... well, thats what I have been experiencing for the past week and maybe for the next three weeks. I am not the romantic lovely dovey type but the distance is bringing me to the dark side ;)
Baby if your reading this.... you would be so proud...haha


Now on to the photography......

Black and white photographs are my favourite, it captures a certain emotion that color photography never will... I love how these particular photographs by Hedi Slimane conjures emotions about my beloved. I think that's what really beautiful photographs do, it touches your heart, your mind and your soul... I know that Hedi's context for these photographs means something else than what I'm projecting on it... However when I look at these particular images it stirs up fundamental emotions.... Love...

Different tangent...
When you look through Hedi's portfolio, I find it amazing how his craft has evolved... from his early shots to the present... seriously, beautiful work.

Photographs by Hedi Slimane

Sister Love

Big Sis: Did you wire some money through to my account??.. I'm so low on cash its embarrassing!! L

Me: Ok.... I'll take some out tonight for you , cash in hand baby

Big Sis: Is it easier for you if you wire it through??

Me: No... it's easier if I give to you straight up gangsta style.... Under the table...

Big Sis: LOL!!!...

Photographs by Hedi Slimane

Monday, December 22, 2008

DIY: Hoody Dress

So... do you remember this.....

Well, here is my DIY version, I made mine a bit more drappy... What do you guys think... yes or no?

I couldn't sleep last night and the reason was you.....

Photo source: the cobrasnake

Change of header & DIY Update

I decided to make that Amanda Austin photograph my header... because I like it so much I couldnt resist.

DIY Update:
I finished making the hoody dress last night, I will post pictures soon, Surprisingly, it actaully didn't take that long to make and the pattern wasn't as hard as I expected.

So now I leave all you lovies with this beautiful image of model Lousie Van Der Vorst (yep, she is dating Daniel Johns from Silverchair)..... it makes me want to put lace on my eyelashes....



Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blog awards and another DIY project?

I found these image on the Le Fashion blog , this blog along with Le love is my current obsession. She posts such amazing photographs. So be sure to check it out!!

So yeah, I plan on making these hoody dress thing-a-mi-jigs, I'm still trying to wrap my head around on how to create a pattern and so forth.. it kinda looks complicated... but I am really determined to figure it out. So I'll let you guys know how i go with this project....

Also.... i want to try and make this black Alexander Wang dress... All I can say is... good luck to me! Hopefully i get to make these items before i leave Sydney *fingers crossed*
The very beautiful Mila of Loveology has given me these two blog awards. THANK YOU SO MUCH :) I feel quite honored.. I rarely get tagged or be given awards so it is a very nice to receive them, it really brightened up my day.

I award the following bloggers (in no particular order)

Le Fashion blog

Le love

the new black starr

Fashion Chalet


Dapper Kid


I was looking through old photos and found this image of yours truly... shizz, it was back in 2006! and i totally forgot I had these tights.... I think I'll bring it back from the dead..

And I actually miss this kid......

Friday, December 19, 2008

DIY: So you're probably wondering how it went?

DIY vest, inspired by the 'Felix hearts Hannah' editorial picture ("I have cob webs on my shoulders" post)....
I might modify it again?
Grey jersey knit
grey thread
gold piping
gold/ bronze army buttons

Sorry for the sh*it picture...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

He is flying high in the sky amongst the clouds

Safe trip. Love you lots

Last Day of Magic
(by The Kills)
We’re two parties, two parties ending
What if you move? What if you hide?
There’s only so much you can miss
Before we both collide

My little tornado
My little hurricano

Last day of magic, where are you?
My little tornado, my little hurricano

We’re two parties, two parties ending
I’ll be the man with the broom
If you’ll be the guts of the room
And there’s only so much you can hide
Before I corner you

Last day of magic, where are you?
My little tornado, my little hurricano

Last day of magic, coming through
The eye of the storm, and I hold on to
my little tornado, my little hurricano

I’ll be the man with the broom
If you’ll be the guts of the room
And there’s only so much you can hide
Before I corner you

Last day of magic, put a hole right through
the eye of the storm in a single room
my little tornado, my little hurricano

Calvary come, calvary go
Calvary leave me alone
my little serinado, my little cococaino

Last day of magic, where are you?
My little tornado, my little hurricano
Photograh by Amanda Austin

Monday, December 15, 2008

I have cob webs on my shoulders

I don't know about you but I reckon this girl's top rocks! I have seen a few DIY fashion takes on the shredded 'Raquel Allegra' look, but by far this girl wins hands down. Do you think she did it herself or bought it at some ritzy boutique?


Meanwhile, I picked up Attitude magazine and they featured this editorial below "Felix hearts Hannah"... I really adore both their outfits. boho chic no?
So last night I dusted off the old sewing machine and got back to sewing. I am inspired by model 'Felix's' cotton jersey vest... however, I'm thinking of giving it a military twist, not sure yet though... I'm half way finished and will post pictures soon.


Friday, December 12, 2008

I was once a ballerina...

A seven year old tomboy in a tutu.
I absolutely love this photograph it’s so beautiful, whimsical, nostalgic and dreamy.
It reminds me of watching the senior girls dancing away in their pointes, pink leotards and beautiful tutus. They were graceful and mesmerising beings. I was the not so graceful tot in awe. This photograph is dedicated to that senior class; they will forever be those stunning ballerinas at the 3pm class.


I hope you enjoy this beautiful photograph. Have a great weekend.
Her dress is stunning in the last photograph!

Photograph by Martina Hoogland Ivanow

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I'm flying...

[rez-ig-ney-shuh n]
[It's all part of the grand plan you see]
In Thirty Nine days I'll be flying to.......

Photograph by Sandra Freij (A bloody awesome photographer... I will post more of her images soon babies)

Monday, December 08, 2008