Monday, October 30, 2006


I just came back from Melbourne last night..... i'll rant and rave about it later....

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sunday, October 22, 2006

OMG he got himself branded again!

My Dad is cool as ice... so he thinks... hehe..... So much so he went out to get another tattoo. And no this isn't his first, but his third.

I was shocked !! Personally I hate it, I think it is absolutely hideous.... but he loves it.... he didn't even realise that it was a dream catcher till later. What a funny one. It reminds me of the temporary tattoos I use to get for 40 cents when I was four from those bubblegum vending machine thingos.

I was cut because I would of went with him to watch... booo... meanwhile my mum had a mojor bitch fit when she saw it, not impressed at all. ....haha.... oh father why are you s0 cool!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

my week

For Dan (Because I haven’t updated in a long time! Haha!)

It has been a chock a block week, much of which has been a lot to do with my Advertising: Illustration & Editorial assignment. Last week consisted of me trying to figure out indesign, I’m not the graphic design sort of person, so Tim and I had a very short and quick tutorial from my sister. The project was to be a double page illustration/ written article; I based my project on Manhattan Pizzeria Café. JR’s brothers Glenn and Dean’s restaurant. Check out their website

On Thursday night my sister and I took our little cousins out for dinner at the pizzeria, why?
a) It is tradition that my sister and I take the younglings out during their school holidays
b) I needed to take photos for my assignment
Kill two birds with one stone right….

It was also Dean’s birthday so we bought him a lovely chocolate cake…. He had a house party on Saturday… more about that later….

I thought my assignment would take up my whole weekend but to my surprise it only took me a day and a half to do…. With the help of Mara.
So the next day I went to my sister’s work to further develop my concepts and typography. Might I add that Friday was the biggest heat wave ever!!! 36 degrees!!! Ouch!
I thought that I would spend the whole day doing the assignment, but in a couple of hours I was done…yay!

Later I met up with Tim and his sister (and crashed at his place); we went for a swim at Whitlam Pools. It was maxed out like something severe… and scorching hot. It was so refreshing to be immersed in the cool water!
I basically spent the whole weekend watching LOST season 2; I always missed out on the episodes. Tim is a godsend for buying the box set! I ♥ LOST.

Meanwhile, Saturday was just as hot as Friday. Tim and I were not sure whether to go to the pools or the beach, after a long and lazy discussion we then decided on the beach, Bondi Beach to be exact. Like pools, the beach was jam packed with serious fun. And the waves were massive! Me being the chicken shit that I am wanted to go the north end, where it wasn’t that crazy… why because:
a) I almost died in a rip when I as 14 years old (thank you Maroubra beach)
b) I have a fear of drowning
c) I have a fear of massive waves killing me

I couldn’t believe how cold the water was, it was like jumping in ice freezing water…arrgghhh but I did have a laugh at they way Tim and I looked like when getting into the water… think stick figures doing the robot….

After the beach we headed off to the city to eat and to meet up with Mara & JR to go to Dean’s Hawaiian dress up birthday shindig.
Man… Dean was prepared; he had luau wall paper (I thought they were the actual walls…so deceiving!) coconut drinking glasses and piñata style palm trees. He also had a set of rules for example you cant say Dean’s name, don’t hold your glass in your left hand …so on and so forth… the consequences were two shots or lucky dip… which could have been worse than two shots
John made cocktails, very potent ones too…. I still don’t know what was in them…
It was very rowdy in the apartment! The land lord and other tenants kept on banging on the door like crazy people telling Steve (the roommate) to shut the “F” up…. I lost count at how many times the neighbors kept on banging the door down. Each time Dean walked away from them he would scream out “THEY SAID SICK PARTY MATE, KEEP IT GOING!!” I think the cops came too….

It was one the coolest house parties I have been to in a long time. When I woke up the next morning the place was absolutely trashed, beer glasses and plastic cups on the floor, dirt and vomit stains…feral but funny, when you’re in a tipsy or wasted state everything looks clean until you’re sober….

I will post pics soon..

Oh yeah… they are getting evicted…..

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My public holiday long weekend

I had quite an eventful long weekend. Saturday started off with my sister and me heading out to the city for Anna’s ‘Asian Fest’ birthday celebration:
* Yum Cha @ Marigold in Chinatown
* Watching the AFL game Swans VS WCE (I know not very Asian, but hey it was the grand finals!!! And the Swans lost…. I wanted to cry!!!)
* Karaoke (which I couldn’t attend).

Simone was there too and she will be heading overseas again, China. Lucky one I wish I had the luxury of picking up my things and leaving the country (but I know that will eventually happen… February 07’ baby!) It was great seeing Simon, she always brings a smile to my face, she may be the youngest in our little ex-Hype DC foursome but she sure is one of the mature ones.

I was also supposed to attend Tim’s Dad’s birthday BBQ but I couldn’t make that either due to the overlap in festivities, sorry Tito.

When I got home I ate dinner and got ready to meet Jacky, well I really didn’t get ready I basically wore the same thing during the day (I couldn’t be arsed) the only thing I changed was my shoes; ballet flats to boots.
So I drove down to Jacky’s house and surprise surprise, I was early no Filo time YAY!
Then we headed off to Clarette’s house, swapped cars then drove down to Campsie to get April. There were so many car changes and pit stops I was getting very confused.
Clarette being the hip chick that she is got us on the guest list at Privilege Bar. There was an over 21’s section of the club and we there to check it out. It wasn’t that crash hot to be honest, just like any other RnB club. And I have a new all consuming hate for bouncers. The bastard didn’t let us in the over 21 section, mind you he was letting all the semi cloths less females in bar us. I think he was against girls who wore more clothing. But if we were dressed like hookers and acted like bimbos it would have been a different story!
Some 18 year old kid wanted to dance with me, he got his wing man or should I say wing girl to ask me (so high school) but I declined, poor bugger he must have been shattered. I remember seeing him at the bar staring at me.
All in all I had a good night, it wouldn’t be complete without a Harry's and Maccas run so off we went. As we were driving home these feral guys thought it would be cool to drive along side of us, pick up perhaps… no chance!
Guy1: “Where we were going?”
April and Clarette: “The hospital”
Guy1: “Who’s in the hospital?”
April and Clarette: “YOUR MUM!”

I got home at 4:30 am and didn’t sleep till 5:00am. I freakin woke up at 8:15am!!!! Bloody oath!!!! 3 hours sleep! I have issues sleeping!!! So annoying!So next thing I knew it was Sunday.

Sunday was the Filipino Fiesta @ Rosehill; I went with Mara, JR and Sam. Tim was meeting us there. I love the Filo fiesta because all I do is eat at that joint. From 2pm-7:30pm all that I did was eat…. I ate with JR, Mara and Sam….. was with Tim, met up with Nino & co and ate….Tim finaalllly ate BALOT!!!! YAY so proud of him…. He is a true filo now..hahaha!

We saw Tim’s gay admirer Edwin, he was the hair and make-up artist for contestant number two for the beauty pageant. All the boys were excited because of the vain hope of possibly meeting contestant #2 due to our relations with Edwin. Dream on boys!

I saw a lot of people that I have not seen in a long time! You are always bound to bump into someone you know at the fiesta and you always end up smelling like BBG and fish balls! I finally got to eat Halo Halo, haven’t had one of those things in yonkos!

I had a feeling that The Australian- Filipina Magazine’s second issue would be launched at the fiesta, my psychic powers were correct. I was asked by Clarette’s cousin Anna if I wanted to be in the issue, so I gladly accepted. I was featured in the Vroom section…who would have thought me being interviewed for the auto section…hahaha…
When Tim and I saw the magazine’s stand we rushed over there to see if I was in it…. The lovely guy gave us a free copy, how nice.
The mag is a bi-monthly magazine visit or go to your local Mount Druitt or Blacktown news agency or Filipino food stores if you want to buy a copy…. Come on guys support this new magazine, even though you are not Filipino you will enjoy this magazine (I hope) because I am in it… joking! In all seriousness you will get to learn elements of our culture so on and so forth.

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Monday came and I had to leave to go to uni to meet up with my group mates for group work… I know uni on a public holiday…. But it had to be done…. We are such model students, attending uni whilst everyone was home hung over from the long weekend…
Surprisingly the two hours flew by and I was home in the blink of an eye…. Or should I say micro sleep whilst driving my car.

My relatives came over for a BBQ, no special occasion just dinner… Edwin was over to give Tim, JR and Dad a haircut… we interrogated him in regards to what happened during the pageant at the Filipino fiesta. He also told us about Claudine Baretto and Piolo Pascual (don’t know how to spell their names) because he did their hair and make-up and he was over at their hotel for lunch etc etc…. it’s always good to know hairdressers and make-up artists because they are bound to know or meet someone famous!
I love Edwin he is the best, too funny he is one character you would love to have at your dinner party…….Meanwhile he is persuading me to enter the pageant next year, I am very apprehensive about it… should I follow in the footsteps of my sister and enter a pageant or fuck it off… all I know is that I would be the biggest bogan; Im too much of a bloke ……who knows….. I’ll keep you posted…

Anyhow Tim’s haircut is cool as ice, I like it a lot. I guess it was about time he cut his hair. I dropped him home and ended up crashing at his house….. the next day Tim and his sister and I ended up going to the new and improved Liverpool Westfield and eating at good old Pho. I looked like the biggest hobo because I was wearing flip flops my old ratty maroon high school shorts and a grey wife beater, plus I couldn’t be arsed having a shower. Tim’s dad was shocked that I was going to rock up at a public place looking like that….. aaawwwww all the makings of a future beauty queen J