Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Adobe & Books

So I have been playing around with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I need to learn these programs for Uni... Im slowly learning.... but I should seriously get my sister to tutor me, becuase she majored in graphics...actually she is a graphic designer..... I keep on forgetting that she graduauted already!

My life is blah at the moment!!! I have no work so im bumin around... I have been watching Sex and The City DVDs, and I am enjoying it immensely. I only started to watch season six when it was on TV and then it ended. But you can always trust the good old DVD to revive old seasons!
It was a chick thing to watch that show, I guess the females can relate to some of the aspects each character goes through or the topic that comes up.
Man I remember being in Thailand and watching the episode when Aiden and Carrie break up.... oh the memories, sitting in the hotel room with Mayette, Mara, Reg and Roz!

Im feeling a bit illiterate so yesterday Tim and I went to the library. I borrowed a Paulo Coelho book; And On The Seventh Day The Trilogy, I heard he is a good author so I thought why not! Plus Jacky recommended it. Plus my vocabulary is not that great and its been a while since I sat down and read a great book.

So anyhow heres some stuff I played around with on Photoshop..... I know I may be shit and not as high tech as Mara's stuff or any other graphic geek, but hey I tried!!!

My Spanish is crap at the moment, I typed what was in my head and I bet it is grammatically incorrect! I was trying to say " I love his gaze" so if anyone speaks Spanish correct me if I am wrong!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

"I hate eating .... but i like food" (quote from Aries)

My little neice said that as Tim took her to the buffet. On Friday night my relatives and I ate at the Star City Buffet place.... it was ok.... I liked the Lamb chops, singapore chilli crabs and shrimps.... but we killed it with the ice-cream, Tim and i got its all you can eat people!!!! one love!!!!! My relatives realised how much I eat, I think they were in awe. Being the skinny stick that I am ever since i was born.... I think i had about five plates of food or something.... but it was nice food, Tim and I were so full!
My sister hates eating there, she doesnt like it, it think she had a bad experience.
I didnt realise that alot of people go there, but then again, i guess thats were all the gamblers go when they need to eat after their addiction.
But the occasion was for Vianca and Lola, it was their birthday, Vianca was born on the same day as Lola. All the other cousins dogged it, booo you dogs!!!! It was just the kids, Vianca and Ken_doll, and Ching and I........ boooo!

Omigosh Tim and I went shopping agian...i spent half of my funds money!!! oo00Opss, its all good... i'll be getting paid for 8 days of work soon..... But man, Tim can shop! he is probably worse than me! but he did get really cheap Birkenstocks, Gowings is closing down and they are have a sale on everything, So for the people in Sydney head down to George Stand get grab a bargain! I found Ugg boots for heaps cheap, but I could not find the other foot... real sheep skin etc, I was really cut! It was a perfect fit and everything!!!! *sniff* I hate it when sales are on... i always spend my money!!!

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"i need ice-cream help!"
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Tim and Aries
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Father & I
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Birthday girl Lola and Lolo
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lil' Aries
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birthday girl Vianca, Ken_doll & Russelle
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father & my Aunt in the background
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Last night on Saturday I went out with the Hype DC girls. We ate at Hanabi on Liverpool St. It was very yummy! good old Korean food, plus it was big servings.we were torn on where to go, originally we were suppose to eat at Zozo, i think thats the name... but we walked out.... yes rebels, just kidding. But it was a good night, I was getting a bit tipsy on the wine, and i only had 2 glasses... i gues thats what happens when you dont drink for 5 months... your tolorence level goes down......

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Thursday, January 19, 2006


I went to a leaders camp for my youth group over the weekend, it was really good. I got a further insight into our faith, which is also really great. But it wasnt as hardcore and full of things to do, it was very laid back 3 days. All i have to say is (quote from Homer Simpson) "na na na na, na na na na LEADER!!"

During this week I have just been going to work and nothing special has happened, but at least all the money I am saving is going to my surf camp funds! wohhooo, only 1.5 weeks to go! I cant wait!!!! Look out Byron Bay here comes maRia, Tim, Rey, Gas, Ben & Simon!!!!! It is really unfortunate that my sister can't come...booo! i wish she was...its a really good bunch of people im going with..... and i realise im the only girl, which means i will having mental attacks becuase i know the boys will drive me crazy!!!!

I had another 4.30am start on Tuesday, for work..... I swear it really messes with your body clock! i had the same shifts last week on Thursday and Friday. It absolutely killed me, plus i had the camp on, and i didnt get enough sleep as well becuase we were up till late.... so right now im trying to catch up on my sleep.....

I saw Anna two days ago, I went to her and Mike's business presentation at North Ride, it was interesting, I was torn becuase I was not sure if i should do it, but I dont think I will... After we went to good old Plumpton Macca's for coffee, but really didnt have coffee. Anna got a Oreo Frappe, and it was good the girl packed on the Oreo. It was jam packed with serious fun. no joke it was fat as and looked so yummy!!!! ...... i think Anna and i will meet up this Friday night... so hopefully that goes to plan, because we hardly see each....

In Mike's car


Monday, January 16, 2006

"Fuck Yeah" (part 2)

I received a lovely email from April today, and it was a group photo of us from Mikhails birthday back in November. I was actually quite glad because I was searching for it over the internet to post it up with the entry, but none of the club sites had it.

L-R, at the bottom, Eman in red, "fuck yeah" Frannie, April, Row, Me, Vincent & Clarette

Monday, January 09, 2006

shelves and bridal registry

I finally got my shelf off lay buy.... "Soho Cube" it looks like I will fix it tomorrow! wohoo cant wait! Tim and I had a joyous time trying to put it in the car, it was sticking outta the back! o00ps!

We went to Myer to get Tim's mate's bridal registry, and there were only four items left! damn, but we did find something on their list so it was all good! the wedding is on Sunday, I have nothing to wear, so I am planning to steal something from my sister. word! lol

Im still feeling a bit sick at the moment, i have to wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow for work.... 6am-2pm shiiftt...woooo... cant wait for that! But i hope im not as sick!!!!!

APRIL is back from Asia... so I can't wait to see her.... hopefully soon!!!!! are more pics from saturday.....

Sunday, January 08, 2006




oh no!!!!

yes this horrid image is back....once again in having issues with uploading pics! boo!!!