Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's January!

It's the 3rd day of January!!!! i cant believe it is 2006!!!! time is flying!

Well my NYE was a sober one! I was the designated driver for the night, as well as Rachelle. Everyone form my family was pretty much wasted! except fot the kids obviously! But yea its a Cruz thing, alcohol is in our genes.....
Far out it was so hot!!!!!! Mara, Rachelle and I met at Parra before hand..... scorching heat! i didnt even get changed and i was in my work uniform all night because i just couldnt be bothered!

But i have to give credit for Jr and Mara, they were the most f**ked out of everyone...very trashy indeed!

I didnt get hay fever/ alergies at my Aunties house! good old Claramax tablets, ah bless! and it was the first...coz normally when i go to their joint im just gone with allergies!

But it was a very funny and entertaining night, watching my drunken family! booo on Monching and Ate Mayette not being there! Mara went all emo againa and started crying her eyes out....she even made lil Aries all sad!

cousins! minus Ate Mayette and Monching

lil' Aries munching on the hearty bbq ribs

we found an old photo of my dad and some of his brothers and sister

My Auntie cutting my hair, while she was drunk....word!

family photo

my hair!

designated drivers! p.s my new haircut and i look like i have a hunch back...

Junkies! and Tito @ the back!

Vianca- banka & ken_doll
This is that dog, Micky, from that car ad with Jackie O and Andrew G. My Auntie is looking after it coz the owners are overseas..... word....
But i spent the 1st day on january with Tim, we went to Coogee beach..i didnt even go in coz the waves were killer, just watching all the people getting killed by waves was enough for me! but it was veryy hot!!! i was almost on the verge of heat stroke, i felt heaps sick i wanted to vomit! We headed back into the city and ate ice-cream and sat around in StarBar...then headed home... there was shit all to do coz it was public holiday. the trains were f**ked and it took me ages to get home!

Yesterday my mum, dad, sis and i went to yum cha! word ! it was great! we visited benny @ PSC and the Hype boys....i got my haircut...again! looks pretty cool! there was this weird fire drill, but no one budged, no one cared and continued shopping...it was funny!

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