Sunday, January 22, 2006

"I hate eating .... but i like food" (quote from Aries)

My little neice said that as Tim took her to the buffet. On Friday night my relatives and I ate at the Star City Buffet place.... it was ok.... I liked the Lamb chops, singapore chilli crabs and shrimps.... but we killed it with the ice-cream, Tim and i got its all you can eat people!!!! one love!!!!! My relatives realised how much I eat, I think they were in awe. Being the skinny stick that I am ever since i was born.... I think i had about five plates of food or something.... but it was nice food, Tim and I were so full!
My sister hates eating there, she doesnt like it, it think she had a bad experience.
I didnt realise that alot of people go there, but then again, i guess thats were all the gamblers go when they need to eat after their addiction.
But the occasion was for Vianca and Lola, it was their birthday, Vianca was born on the same day as Lola. All the other cousins dogged it, booo you dogs!!!! It was just the kids, Vianca and Ken_doll, and Ching and I........ boooo!

Omigosh Tim and I went shopping agian...i spent half of my funds money!!! oo00Opss, its all good... i'll be getting paid for 8 days of work soon..... But man, Tim can shop! he is probably worse than me! but he did get really cheap Birkenstocks, Gowings is closing down and they are have a sale on everything, So for the people in Sydney head down to George Stand get grab a bargain! I found Ugg boots for heaps cheap, but I could not find the other foot... real sheep skin etc, I was really cut! It was a perfect fit and everything!!!! *sniff* I hate it when sales are on... i always spend my money!!!

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