Sunday, July 30, 2006

uni alert!

Back to uni tomorrow!!!! aarrggghhhhhh!!! So 2nd semester will begin, I will yet again start to stress out like a mo' fo'!!!!!

Meanwhile, I went out with Tim, Clarette, April, Frannie, Rowie and three of their uni mates on Friday night.... Awesome food @ some Japanese joint... I can't remember the name but here's the address119 King St Newtown.... check it out, you will be very satisfied with the yummy and cheap feed! Marly Bar was great, ps nice juke box song choices boys! haha!

Monday, July 24, 2006

friendship ..friendship

I have been thinking about this lately:

Moving Into A New Phase: Outgrowing Friends

Every one of us lives a life colored by individual and changing experiences, perceptions, needs, and desires. We connect with others, becoming friends and confidants, most often because they share something with us, such as an interest or need. But as time goes on there is change, and the bonds that brought you close to a treasured friend may not be enough to sustain the relationship. You may find your lives have gone in wildly different directions and you no longer share the same aspirations, or you may have changed on an energetic level. It is not unusual in such a situation to find that the comfort you found in the other person has vanished and that you have trouble relating as you once did. Outgrowing a friend can be confusing or painful, but it is a natural part of one's personal growth.

You have a right to choose to surround yourself with those people who understand you, are helpful and compassionate, and put you at ease. Months or years into a friendship, you may find your friend no longer seems like the same person he or she once was. The change may have been within them, but may also have come from within you. Moving on does not mean that your past shared experiences were not meaningful or important to you both, but rather it acknowledges your needs in the present. Ending a friendship can be difficult. You may not feel comfortable explaining your reasons for doing so. Even so, you can still be kind, respectful, and considerate, and simply state that you can no longer devote time to the friendship. When you have made the conscious decision to let go of the relationship, it will most likely happen naturally.

The people who are or have been a part of your life each taught you something. Some friendships are long-term while others are brief. In all relationships, however, it is important to embrace changes and to let go of regrets. While you may outgrow the need to maintain a friendship with someone who was once very special to you, that person will nonetheless always occupy a place in your heart.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Wolfmother Concert

The Wolfmother concert kicked some serious arse! It is one of the best concerts I have been to. It wasn’t the best day/ night because it was raining, but luckily for Tim and I... we had ponchos...hahah… I felt like doing a singing in the rain rendition. So while we were waiting in the never ending line, the gods of rain decided to work their magic... it poured down on us... I felt sorry for the people who did not have umbrellas or even ponchos...

Alas, the concert made up for the shitty weather... I royally got smashed in the moshpit, but it was great! People were sweating profusely, sweaty bodies were colliding, hundreds of people screaming and singing along with Andrew. I jumping up and down like a maniac, screaming/ was killer fun.

Also the boys from Jackass/ Wild Boys were there to introduce Wolfmother. Stevo, Bam and Wee Man came up on stage...Tim and I was like "what the f*ck" killer.... it was so random but mad.... Wee Man kicked himself in the head, but i missed that because I couldn’t see

Dungen, the Swedish supporting band was great too, even though I didn’t know what they were singing because it wasn’t in English, nonetheless, their beats, guitar riffs etc was top notch...

It was Andrew's birthday and Stevo came out with chocolate cake, so the crowd sang happy birthday and he asked if we wanted some cake ... and he threw it in the crowd...

Listening to them live is just like listening to them on your radio or ipod. They played immaculately. If you ever get a chance to watch their concert, go for it.... It is money worth spending!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

concert concert

2 more days until the WOLFMOTHER concert


The house is quite as a mouse

crazy mara & i

My sister left today for her business trip, so she is in Melbourne as I write. She will be handling the photography for future magazine spreads and advertisements. I’m assuming she will get to see kick arse houses with kick arse architecture!! Jealous!

She is going to meet up with Ate Mayette it was only a month ago she was in Melbourne for a holiday!!! booo! no love!

So the house is totally silent... normally it's crazy with my sister's loudness.... I still don’t understand how a tiny girl like her can project so much energy.....

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rhodora's Kitchen Tea & Russelle's 9th Birthday

She is finally getting married yay!!! After a very very long relationship Hieu and Rhodora are getting married in September!!!! wooo!!! He proposed to her in romantic!!! When everyone found out they were saying "bloody oath about time!!!" mwuhahaha! I am extremely happy for her and Hieu!!! It's going to be a kick arse Vietnamese and Filipino wedding!!! I can't wait!

Rhodora.. the bride to be!!!

RV, Lei (also the bride to nice rock!) Mara & I

Annie. Lei. Rhea. Mara

Russelle is now 9 years old!!! Damn he is growing up s0 fast!!! I wish my cousin was there to see it, but I guess she was there in spirit.
Aries is so cute; she started to dance to 'my humps' by BEP. It's not an appropriate song for her to be dancing too, but she was shaking her thang, the girl has rhythm! It was cute, she then proceeded to do the robot, and then the strobe light effect was so funny. My sister threw a $1 dollar coin at her feet, and then my mum threw a $5 note... then my uncle's put cake, their shoes, RSL club cards, an AMEX card, a VISA Card and fruit. She was quite the little busker..haha.
But I think the funniest thing that my uncles did was, they realised Aries' 6th birthday was coming they took the 9 nine candle and reversed it to 6, then started to sing happy birthday..Damn it was funny...but slack to Russelle because he got cut up, poor bugger he had tears in his eyes.... That's my family for you, more so the Cruz uncles... a bunch of jokers who like to pay people out...

The Birthday boy Russelle

Ken_doll. Russelle. Me

My super cool, young at heart, I dont give a fuck Auntie...Tita Bebot

Rachelle. Russelle. Tita Dory

Tim & I

Thursday, July 13, 2006

time waits for no one

I seriously cannot believe that it is Thursday already!!! The days are getting faster..or as Tim would say "your just getting busier"
Last Saturday I went to Rendezvous @ The Wesley Theatre in Pitt St with Jr, Tim and Mara... Sunday I crashed at Tim's house... then before I knew it, it is now Thursday! Far out.

I remember reading this quote somewhere... "We have too much time, but no time to waste"

There are moments where I feel like I'm wasting my time, I could be doing more productive and inspiring things. I feel like a total bum....! ...Well I am actually... but I am proud to say that I did accomplish my mini goals that I set for this uni winter holidays..(Anna you would be so proud)... horay! So I guess these holidays were not in vain.

Time really is precious; we should enjoy and seize everyday, every opportunity, every moment spent with a friend/ family member/ boyfriend....

I can honestly say, I really do take things for granted. But I should not be naive, because all these things can vanish in an instant. And as the saying goes "you don't know what you have got till it's gone".....

So right now I am trying to be as proactive as possible..... Let’s just hope I persevere.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pictures: Gaston's 21st Birthday

Just some pics from Gas' birthday.....
There were truck loads of pics, and truck loads of people... der.. joint party... but ya..

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Why are pirates, pirates? because they arGGHH!! ... meanwhile...She's got a ticket to ride

I watched Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday with Tim. Man I swear it's movie week for me... all my special needed funds have been put into Hoyts!

But anyhow, It was a kick arse film. I seriously want to be a pirate. Maybe I should join those Filo pirates that scavage around in unguarded waters.. a la The Life Aquatic of Steve Zissou.... I remember I watched a documentary on Filipino pirates on SBS... very interesting stuff... seedy but interesting.

Man Orlando Bloom is getting hotter, Kiera Knightly's lips are getting pouty-er, and Johnny Depp is getting even more sexier with age! I love Mr Depp, my love affair with him started when I was a youngin and saw him on 21 Jump Street and 7 or 8 years old and when I watched Edward Scissor Hands, its such a classic film... I love it!

Johnny plays such a great pirate... reminds me of Keith Richards from the Rollling Stones.... Tim was telling me that Keith will be in the 3rd film..only a cameo as Jack's fitting!
I love his erratic character, his mannerisms... it makes me laugh...

I seriously cannot wait for the 3rd installment; I hope it is just as good as the 1st and 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean!


I bought my tickets for the Philippines!!! YAY!!! I can't wait to got back!!! I can't wait to breath in the polluted air, eat Chow King's Halo-Halo, going to Glorietta and the various SM's and of course to see my familia!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cut and Click

I cut my own hair!!!! How daring…no not really. I wanted my sister to cut it, she was taking her sweet arse time, and me being impatient decided to do it myself…. So there you go… I don’t need to find a hairdresser anymore….


So I watched Click last night at B-town with my sister Mara and cousins Rey, Rachelle, Ken_doll and Vianca. Good old tight arse Tuesday, when all movie tickets are cheap, bless!

I did not expect that movie to be pretty deep. No offence to Adam Sandler, I love that bloke he cracks me up and so does his films. Click was a little different to all his other films, it still had the Sandler trademark humor, just add a tad more drama and a deeper story line.

It just basically made me assess what is important in my life, what truly makes me happy, what I want to achieve and basically the importance of balancing career, family/ friends and goals. All these elements will inevitably conflict with each other, that’s life and I guess that’s the challenge of keeping everything equal and stable.

So I pose this question to you all, if you died tomorrow how would you want to be remembered by the people that you love? (I know it sounds a bit drastic!!! But I’ll answer them too!)

I want to be remembered as m a R i a who:

* always achieved her goals
* traveled the world
* reached her dream career
* was a loving sister and daughter
* was a loving mother and wife (if I get married and have kids)
* was a loving friend

(There is heaps more but I just cant think right now!!!)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Great hairdressers are hard to find *EDIT: Superman Returns

The hairdresser that I go to has shut up shop. I am quite distraught too, because really good hairdressers are very hard to find.

I’m not too fussy with my hair, heck, I rarely run a comb through it or wash it…eeeewwww! But I think having a great hairdresser is a must. They help you through your hair woes, they give you advice on the best way to style your hair, they CUT YOUR HAIR JUST THE WAY YOU WANT IT! Smartlook Hair Studio in Parramatta did all these things for me, especially cutting my hair how I wanted it!

Did you ever get those situations where you sit in the chair and the stylist is at their final cutting stages… and you think to yourself “what the heck is she/he doing???? This isn’t the cut I wanted!!!” You smile politely and say apprehensively “yeah…it’s cool” when really you hate it… and you walk out of the salon thinking to yourself “damn I should have had a fit at him/ her”. Well this has happened to me a few times.

In the past I have always settled for second best, and I would just go to random hairdressers to cut my locks. But when I stumbled across Smartlook, I was born again in terms of believing there was a salon that accommodated my every need.

And now this belief is shattered to a million pieces. I am now on the hunt for the holy grail of hairdressers. Wish me luck, because I definitely need it.



I watched Superman Returns with Tim last week. I was very very hesitant in watching the film. Tim can attest to that comment. I thought it was going to be crap, every time I saw the previews on TV I would just tune out and say “yeah….whatever”.

But I was proven wrong for my hate, ok not hate that’s too strong of a word…dislike.
I liked the film, pretty action packed and so many scenes. I was wondering when the film would end it just kept on trucking along.

Brandon Routh AKA Superman/ Clark Kent is one fly fella! (no pun intended) he sounds like Wentworth Miller… the smooth silky voice… hot!
But yes there was some major eye candy whilst watching the movie….ah bless!

It was funny seeing Ian Roberts on screen so weird, ex-footballer/ ex- Dancing with the Stars. And I totally forgot that they filmed it here in Sydney… Tim and I were sitting there saying… “oh mad…. Martin Place….oh mad… Wynyard bus depo”.

i like a guy in a suit

The hotness: Brandon Routh