Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rhodora's Kitchen Tea & Russelle's 9th Birthday

She is finally getting married yay!!! After a very very long relationship Hieu and Rhodora are getting married in September!!!! wooo!!! He proposed to her in romantic!!! When everyone found out they were saying "bloody oath about time!!!" mwuhahaha! I am extremely happy for her and Hieu!!! It's going to be a kick arse Vietnamese and Filipino wedding!!! I can't wait!

Rhodora.. the bride to be!!!

RV, Lei (also the bride to nice rock!) Mara & I

Annie. Lei. Rhea. Mara

Russelle is now 9 years old!!! Damn he is growing up s0 fast!!! I wish my cousin was there to see it, but I guess she was there in spirit.
Aries is so cute; she started to dance to 'my humps' by BEP. It's not an appropriate song for her to be dancing too, but she was shaking her thang, the girl has rhythm! It was cute, she then proceeded to do the robot, and then the strobe light effect was so funny. My sister threw a $1 dollar coin at her feet, and then my mum threw a $5 note... then my uncle's put cake, their shoes, RSL club cards, an AMEX card, a VISA Card and fruit. She was quite the little busker..haha.
But I think the funniest thing that my uncles did was, they realised Aries' 6th birthday was coming they took the 9 nine candle and reversed it to 6, then started to sing happy birthday..Damn it was funny...but slack to Russelle because he got cut up, poor bugger he had tears in his eyes.... That's my family for you, more so the Cruz uncles... a bunch of jokers who like to pay people out...

The Birthday boy Russelle

Ken_doll. Russelle. Me

My super cool, young at heart, I dont give a fuck Auntie...Tita Bebot

Rachelle. Russelle. Tita Dory

Tim & I

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