Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cut and Click

I cut my own hair!!!! How daring…no not really. I wanted my sister to cut it, she was taking her sweet arse time, and me being impatient decided to do it myself…. So there you go… I don’t need to find a hairdresser anymore….


So I watched Click last night at B-town with my sister Mara and cousins Rey, Rachelle, Ken_doll and Vianca. Good old tight arse Tuesday, when all movie tickets are cheap, bless!

I did not expect that movie to be pretty deep. No offence to Adam Sandler, I love that bloke he cracks me up and so does his films. Click was a little different to all his other films, it still had the Sandler trademark humor, just add a tad more drama and a deeper story line.

It just basically made me assess what is important in my life, what truly makes me happy, what I want to achieve and basically the importance of balancing career, family/ friends and goals. All these elements will inevitably conflict with each other, that’s life and I guess that’s the challenge of keeping everything equal and stable.

So I pose this question to you all, if you died tomorrow how would you want to be remembered by the people that you love? (I know it sounds a bit drastic!!! But I’ll answer them too!)

I want to be remembered as m a R i a who:

* always achieved her goals
* traveled the world
* reached her dream career
* was a loving sister and daughter
* was a loving mother and wife (if I get married and have kids)
* was a loving friend

(There is heaps more but I just cant think right now!!!)

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