Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The other MK

Tim...... this one's for you..... The new face for Aussie swimwear label Seafolly and Victoria's Secret Angel...... Miranda Kerr. I remember I was in Year 7 when she won the Dolly magazine Impulse model competition.
I remember walking to the newsagency to buy the magazine before school at Bondi Junction and I remember wondering who would win..... I thought it would be this other girl , Cassie. But it was 13 year old Miranda.

What a gem

How awesome is Steven Meisel. It is my dream to take beautiful images like the master himself.

Lara: I know you dont like Gemma Ward, but I think she is gorgeous, she has an unconventional beauty that differs from all her peers..... bring it on girl..... I heard that she is also doing a few movies..... attack of the model-turn-actress, I hope she rocks it like she does on the Parisian catwalks....


Meanwhile, I saw this pic in my sisters room and I had to scan it..... awesome..... it makes me want to get my face tatted up! The photo makes the tattoo less agressive, if I were to see this guy in the street I would be shitting my pants.... but there is something beautiful about this picture..... it speaks for itself.

Monday, July 16, 2007


I just love this photograph...... black and white photos are the best!

Speaking of photos.... I went to the photo lab and handed in 2 rolls of film...... it wasn't the normal 12o film for my Holga, but 35mm. I thought I would change it up and just experiment to see what it would look like.... the sh*t thing about using 35mm is that I have to count about 30 to 35 'clicks' when I wind the film..... oh well I'll see what happens.....

make love to the camera

We had a photoshoot today and the studio was an ice box!!!! I felt really sorry for the models, they were freezing their arses off!!
The good thing about today was I got to wake up at 7.30am.... the studio was only 20 minutes away. woohoo! It beats waking up at 6:00am! word to yo mother!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Hello Kitty

The Americanos are in town......the USS Kitty Hawk has arrived in this fair city of Sydney. They docked in yesterday afternoon. There is about 5000 US sailors ( the lads will be here until Tuesday..... fathers lock up your daughters! I bet there will be quite a few unwanted pregnancies in the days to come....

Moving on....
I finally got pics from Byron Bay Blues and Roots fest......So I will upload them soon....