Tuesday, April 18, 2006

wolfmother concert

It's been locked in, tickets have been bought for the 20th July Wolfmother concert @ Hordern Pavillion!!!! ya heard!!
so if you haven't bought your tickets go to Tickettek.com!!!!!

but im not really happy that the venue is at Hordern Pavillion... i dont like that place, no offence.... it would of been kick arse if it was at the The Metro or Enmore Theatre!!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Field trip

Today was Tim, Merc, Renae and I's shindig to The Royal Easter Show!!!! our highlights were:

* A killer ride that felt like I was going to plumet to my death and face plant on the cement. i'll give ya'll a visual: think a of a pendulum swinging around in a 360 degree motion and the actual chair spinning 360' too..... It was damn good fun, but Tim was a tad bit worried...ahahahaha

* bumper cars and smashing the shit outta Tim....word!!!!! lol

* Visiting the cows and watching it crap infront of us: it looked like ice-cream coming out of a ice-cream machine= hilarious

* Stepping in manure

* Eating lunch on a park bench while it was raining, then getting off our arses after 20 minutes to find shelter....yes we were lazy

* The Bertie Beatle showbag $2....aaaahhh bless you can always count on that gem for a bargain

* New Woman magazine showbag......well there wasn't much of an option there, it was either Girlfriend or Dolly, I'm not 14 years old anymore....so New Woman it was...... Come on Vogue magazine when will you bring out easter show bags!!!!!!!!

* the dog show.... man they are well bred bitches!!!!

* Merc smashing the shit out of a frog..... it wasn't real just a toy....the aim of the game was to smash the platform the frog was sitting on and not the actual frog....too funny!!! I was laughing hard!!!

the killer pendulum thingo ride!!!! yes thats people at the top!

Tim. Renae. Merc

My nerve damaged cheek that has not healed from surf camp!!! but hay at least I still look tanned!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

why is everyone leaving!?

It is apparent that people I know are travelling overseas or interstate..... tomorrow Tim's mum and sister will be leaving for the Philippines, as well as my parents the following weeks- ish. My family and relatives are going on a family getaway over the Easter break, while I sit at home and try and do my Uni assessments.... boooo! im just rambling because im jealous... I am procrastinating my uni work, which is a big no no! Alas I will be going to Queensland in a few weeks too, so the grass is looking greener, but I have to kick start some of my unfortunate essays for various subjects..... booo!
Man I want to go back to the Philippines!!!! I miss it!!!! but hopefully my sister and I will be able to make it next year!

Holidays are always good, your in that carefree mode. You dont stress about jack sh*t. I wish everyday was a damn holiday, if I had the $$$$ i'll be on the 1st plane out of Australia. but unfortunately I was not born with a trust fund, thus I have to work hard for the money just like everyone else.
It may sound very strange, but I like being a bit of a tourist...ahhaaahhaaa... It forces you out of your comfort zone. I know at times I have issues socialising with new people, I sometimes get very guarded. I think travelling, further emphasises your responsibility and independency (it may also challenge your belief systems) & at times forces you to be more out there, coz being shy and timid is just not going to cut it; especially when your in a country where their first language is not English. The world is massive and there are so many countries/ cultures that I want to experience. Life can be very mundane and routine, there is more to life than just work or study, we only live this life once. So why not see the world before our time is up....

As Tennessee Williams states " Make voyages! Attempt them, there's nothing else"

Friday, April 07, 2006


It's that time of year again.... the Sydney Royal Easter Show has arrived!!!! I got the "official magazine" from the paper the other week.....

I was in a child like trance reading that magazine. I looked at the various timetables during each day.... (Josh Pyke is playing on the 14th...killer!!! he rocks!!!! so peoples go out and buy his album)..... and lets not forget the show bag section of the magazine.... was I excited or what..... Cadbury showbag, Nestle showbags, MEGA SHOWBAGS, oh man.... it brought back memories from when I was young..... I remember getting a Barbie showbag...so cliche... so girly..... but i was 6 years old...hahaha

But back in the day the Royal Easter Show was at Moore Park, across the road from where I use to live!!!!! I can smell the manure now, just thinking about it.... I reckon it was so much cosier in Moore Park, yes it was smaller/ squashier..... but that was the beauty of the experience...
Now its wide open spaces at Olympic Park, no shade, killer sunshine and dehydration central..... but the times are a changing and I guess an upgrade to a bigger venue was inevitable....

I love walking through the market stalls and see what the country folk have to offer.... I love the arts and craft section....ehehehe im a craft geek..... and I love the fruit market section, i like how they make a collage of whatever out of fruit and vegies.... yes I am strange... and I like to watch the wood chopping competition, I always freak out because I think they will chop their leg off.. watching the farmers sell off their cattle is jolly good fun, but the smell can be a bit repulsive (manure gallore!). And they always have a good old fashion show, so i'll be there watching the clothes horses run up and down the catwalk.....

The rides are always good fun, ghost trains, mini rollercoaster, bumper cars, etc.. etc.. but it sucks when you have to be the designated bag minder when all your mates decide to go on a ride, not fun at all....

BUT the main attraction would have to be the showbags, i think anyway... for kids its normally "who can get the most show bags or lollies"...... but those darn things always makes a grown person act like a child again..... then you start to wear the jester hats or the fairy wings or the crown or hit people with the blow up hammers or wear the ninja attire...... hahahahaha its an excuse to dress and act a fool!!!! oh the joys....

So if your not from Sydney, or if your from Sydney go to the Royal Easter Show!!!! Memories are to be made, act a fool and unleash your inner child!!!!!!!