Sunday, April 03, 2011


Hip Hop was introduced to me by my sister and cousins when I was in primary school.
Rock and indie has always been my first music genre love. In the earlier stages of listening to
hip hop, I always had a hard time listening to it, I thought that the majority of what's
said is cash, money, car, hoes. When I was 13 I had a massive debate with my cousin about it.
Obviously,  the aforementioned is not rapped all the time.

The two songs below are really amazing. They like many others, are the reasons why I still listen
to it. It reminds me of the listening to spoken word at Troy Bar in London.

I respect Hip Hop, because at it's core, it's about truth.


So I'm currently addicted to Jetblackheart.
She posts such an array of images that satisfies my visual needs.

On another note. I shall be posting a few pics of my time in Melbourne about a
month ago, I was there for my cousins wedding. My first trip since I got back from

There are interesting things coming up which I am excited for, took some photo's yesterday
and I can't wait to post them.

Image source: Jetblackheart