Wednesday, June 28, 2006

On Fire

I love this song, it's by Switchfoot.

Tell you where you need to go
Tell you when you need to leave
Tell you what you need to know
Tell you who you need to be
Everything inside you knows there's more than what you've heard
So much more than empty conversation filled with empty words
And you're on fire when He's near you
You're on fire when He speaks
You're on fire, burning at these mysteries
Give me one more time around
Give me one more chance to see
Give me everything You are
Give me one more chance to be
Everything inside me looks like everything I hate
You are the hope I have for change, You are the only chance I'll take
When I'm on fire when You're near me
I'm on fire when You speak
I'm on fire burning at these mysteries
These mysteries
I've been standing on the edge of me
standing on the edge of me
standing on the edge of me
standing on the edge of me
standing on the edge of everything I've never been before
And I've been standing on the edge of me
standing on the edge
And I'm on fire when You're near me
I'm on fire when You speak
I'm on fire burning at these mysteries

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Italy vs Australia FIFA World Cup

Yet another sleepless night watching the world cup! but it was all worth it even though Australia lost..... Yes I am very very sad that they lost, and I am sure a lot of Australians feel the same way.... I wanted to scream like a maniac because of the stupid ref!!!! bloody oath!!! Italy should not of got the penalty shot!!!! I prayed that Mark Schwarzer would catch the ball... but he didn't... and I guess the rest is history.... I felt so bad for Lucas Neill, he had water in his eyes when the game ended...poor bugger... I feel your pain mate!!!

I turned on the TV and they had highlights about last nights game.... some random guy who watched the soccer at the live big TV venues said "we were robbed, I know that, you know that and Australia knows that".
Whats done is done... But I know I wanted, as with many people, for the Socceroos to go further.
But I am equally as proud and happy that they were able to play at the World Cup. The boys should be proud of themselves for making it!!!

Go the Socceroos!!!!! one love!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Anna's...Hugo's... Luke's...

Last Saturday night I went out with my sister, Simone and Anna.... I hauled arse after work, I was rushing in the toilet to get changed... for some reason I couldnt do my shoe laces I was pretty unco!

IT WAS SO COLD!!!! I was waiting for my train at B-town, and I was freezing.... at least I didnt get the ghetto train... good old Tangara's it has air-cons..hahahah..

But the city was even worse, I waited about half an hour for my sister at Townhall steps... and it was so cold, unbearably cold!!! I saw girls in little dresses and skirts with no jackets.... I was thinking to myself.... "damn they have balls".... man I was wearing 4 layers of clothes and I was still freezing!
For some reason there were heaps of "i hate my dad man" emo kids out too... there was probably a concert or shindig.... but I have to say I like their style, more so the guys, but then again the look becomes a bit androgenous at times.

Mara finally came, we went across the road to woolies to get warm and buy chocolate... Sim was taking her car so we met her at KFC.... so we drove to Anna's apartment, I absolutley love her place, it's the best!!! Anna the crazy shopper that she is, bought a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes!! I must admit they are extremely beautiful!!! But very expensive!!!! It would probably take me a year to save up to buy a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes!!!!

We just lounged around, ate chocolate, drank red wine, caught up with each other... Sim is leaving for Asia this week and Anna will be graduating soon...
Sim made reservations at Hugos Lounge at Kings Cross, they had $5 dollar pizzas the offer ends this June, so if anyone is from Sydney, check it out...they have excellent pizzas!
Sh*t we ordered four pizzas!!! it was great! Pork belly pizza is the best!!!! so order it if you decide to go!
Omigosh.... "you make me feel like dancing" Leo Sayer was there....hahaha... Us girls were chatting away, then out of the blue Anna says.." Is the Leo Sayer??""" I started laughing coz it was.... I remembered that he had a concert at Rooty Hill.... Anna said that he moved to Sydney.... he had an entourage of girls dancing with him, mind you they were all old enough to be his daughters...gross!!!! 'who's your daddy'... hahahaha!

After Hugo's we went back to Anna's place bought desert and lounged some more, I just realised how close she lives to Kings Cross. I guess thats the advantages of living in the city, all the best places are just a fart away! Man I miss living in Paddington!


It was Luke's birthday on Sunday, Mara and I went over there to celebrate/ catch up with old Antiochers... eat cake.. etc etc...good old Dexter orgainised it..... Julie got out of the hospital so it was great seeing her. Baby Lily is beauiful! man she does not look real, she looks like a doll!!! I can't believe that Luke has a new sister!!!! She opened her eyes and she has killer blue eyes! it is awesome!!! The deepest blue I have ever seen in my life!
Meanwhile I can't believe Luke is 20 years old now.... about time!!! You are no longer a teenager!!! But he is the maturest person I know!!! Such a wise man!!!! love ya buddy!!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

It's a girl!

Congratulations to Julie for giving birth to a healthy baby girl on the 13/06/06!!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Socceroos won against Japan

Omigosh….MY HEART IS PUMPING!!!! My hands are still sweaty!!! I have basically lost my voice!!!! AUSTRALIA WON AGAINST JAPAN!!!

The score was 3-1 Australia’s way (Cahill 2 points & Aloisi 1 point!)!!!! I was literally having an anxiety attack!!! I was screaming at the TV and jumping up and down like a mad woman!!!! In the last 8 minutes of the game they scored 3 goals!!!! The adrenalin is pumping throughout my body; words can not express how I am feeling right now!!!! I am just ecstatic!!!! It was the craziest game EVER it was AWESOME!!!!!!!


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Theerrreee bbbaack!

My parents are back home... they arrived on Thursday morning.... It was good seeing them, they are chubby from all the random stuff they ate, plus my dad has a nice tan.
I looked at all the photos they took, all my cousins have grown up so much!!! A lot can happen in 1 year and a half!!!

I did end up getting the Preview magazine, I was stoked.... it is such a great mag!!!! I endorse it! I got my Converse All Stars too!! yay!!! I also got something a little different, my dad bought me some new body jewellry. What a hip dad. He read my mind because I was going to buy new jewellry for my piercings.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Nova 96.9FM and Desperate Housewives...or boyfriend

Nova 96.9FM is a Sydney based radio station, one that I love mainly becuase of the breakfast show with Merrick and Rosso (who I find totally hilarious) .

They currently have this 'competition' running called 'Desperate housewives'; where random women call their husbands at work and entice them to home home for some lovin', and they end up winnng a prize like an MP3 player..

Well I received a call this morning from Tim at 8:30am, mind you I was still sleeping. It went along the lines of this...(im para-phrasing).

*mobile phone rings*

Maria: He-ll-o (sleepy voice)

Tim: hey babe, are you sleeping....what are you doing??

Maria: I- Im sleeping...why whats wrong??

Tim: Work got cancelled today

Maria: serious?? why.....

Tim: oh it just got cancelled... what are you doing today..???? can I come know for some fun and stuff???

Maria: ....yeah um ok..

Tim: are you sure???

Maria: yeah....

Tim: So is that a yes

Maria: ...yeah....

*hang up phone*

Well 5 minutes later Tim called me back and informed me that we won 2 nights accomodation at the Vibe Hotel.....I said how and why did he win......... He stated that I was on air for the Merrick and Rosso breakfast show and 'Desperate Housewives' this case husband or boyfriend.... My reaction was are you serious!!!!

So now I laugh at the fact that I was on air for this competition and that the whole of Sydney may of been listening.... It didnt even occur to me that Tim had sexual connotations in the conversation due to the fact that I was half asleep.