Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Nova 96.9FM and Desperate Housewives...or boyfriend

Nova 96.9FM is a Sydney based radio station, one that I love mainly becuase of the breakfast show with Merrick and Rosso (who I find totally hilarious) .

They currently have this 'competition' running called 'Desperate housewives'; where random women call their husbands at work and entice them to home home for some lovin', and they end up winnng a prize like an MP3 player..

Well I received a call this morning from Tim at 8:30am, mind you I was still sleeping. It went along the lines of this...(im para-phrasing).

*mobile phone rings*

Maria: He-ll-o (sleepy voice)

Tim: hey babe, are you sleeping....what are you doing??

Maria: I- Im sleeping...why whats wrong??

Tim: Work got cancelled today

Maria: serious?? why.....

Tim: oh it just got cancelled... what are you doing today..???? can I come over...you know for some fun and stuff???

Maria: ....yeah um ok..

Tim: are you sure???

Maria: yeah....

Tim: So is that a yes

Maria: ...yeah....

*hang up phone*

Well 5 minutes later Tim called me back and informed me that we won 2 nights accomodation at the Vibe Hotel.....I said how and why did he win......... He stated that I was on air for the Merrick and Rosso breakfast show and 'Desperate Housewives' competition.....in this case husband or boyfriend.... My reaction was are you serious!!!!

So now I laugh at the fact that I was on air for this competition and that the whole of Sydney may of been listening.... It didnt even occur to me that Tim had sexual connotations in the conversation due to the fact that I was half asleep.

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