Monday, February 27, 2006

Back to reality.... i miss Byron Bay!!! *EDIT PICS!

An asian tourist photo isn't complete without peace sign hand signals

Waking up to our camp site!
Under the cover of darkness, the beach awaits....
me waiting for a wave....
The beautifuLLL Shelley Beach!
The surfboard that smacked my face!!!
Attack of SUNBURN!!!!!!!
oh Ben, why did you leave us so early!!!! (gas, ben simon)
The boys @ Minyon Falls (ben, simon, rey, tim, gas)
good ol' Nimbin!
outside our room!!! (tim, me, ssiiiIIIMON!)
sssiiiIIIIMOON & reaaaYYEE!
Is that soup your drinking????
Tim & I
It's sad and true, I am back in Sydney!!!! Today is the first day of Uni, and right now im at the computer labs typing away!!! I no longer have a 5pm-6.30 class...wohoo!!! I now have the 10.30am class...YAY!!!!
It was very surreal walking up the damn carpark hill @ the Werrington Campus!!! in a way it was like I was never on summer holidays! My first class for the year was Advertising Strategy and im glad to say that I am in the same class as Merc, Tim and Patricia! wooo!
It was chockers today at Uni, all the fresh off the high school boat students were there, I could see that they were very anxious, its a totally new world for them. And I guarantee that about 1/3 will defer or drop out.
Lara will no longer be with us she transfered to UTS and the same goes for Linda, but she is at UNSW. So I wish both of them good luck!!!!! kick arse girls!!!!!!

But I am very sad!!!! my mind is still in Byron Bay!!! That is all I have been thinking about !!!! I almost cried on the very long and gruelling 13hour bus ride back home!!!! I had fun up there!!!! the beaches were awesome and everything was so chilled out!!! But we did have our share of racial tension. We got in a verbal/ racial fight with some local teens outside Woolworths. Vulgar words were exchanged and we were told to go back to our country....hmmmmm...... um were from Sydney and even though our background is Asian, we are Australian...... wheres the love!!!!! thankfully it only happened once and that no one got hurt/ stabbed/ bashed / hospitalised etc! But it really did ruin our afternoon ice-cream run...... This quote kept on popping up in my head when all this sh*t was going on.... He who angers you conquers you..... and I guess those blokes did conquer us or vice versa.....

Enough about that.....
Omigosh we went to Nimbin.... hahahahaa. that was an experience in itself!!! It had a population of about 5oo people. and every second person was a drug dealer.... we went into the weed museum and it was cool.... hippies were around the place.... man it was a real mind trip....

The Arts Factory lodge was a cool place to stay!!!! So000OO relaxed..... chilling out and reading our books on the balcony, swimming in the pool, getting the bus into town or walking into town, buying 10cents frogs @ the kiosk, cooking food in the communal kitchen. ordering those hot chips and killer sauce at the Buddha Bar, watching movies in the cinema lounge.
I loved the Buddha Bar, I loved the way it was furnished and decorated. Artworks were hung up on the wall, waiting to be purchased. I think they were made by locals. I loved the paintings!!!!!
I met interesting people like Philip our dorm mate from Sweden, who inspired the boys to buy the book 'The Game". Elad from Israel and his awesome curly hair and cheery personality!! Che the dreadlocks blue eyed guy who taught people how to play the didge and surfing..

Im definately going back up there in the near future! I want to go for Splender or The Blues and Roots Festival.... but I think I have uni assessments during then & I think money will be a bit of a problem!

Im going through this phase at the moment, where I really don't want to be in Sydney or Australia...... I want to travel and live the nomadic lifestyle! Im in this semi depression state....hmmm.... I always get like this coming back from a holiday.... I bet in a couple of weeks I'll be right as rain...hahaha... Every time I go away somewhere, it adds fuel to my passsion for travelling!!!

Alas, I should be fine and dandy........reality has kicked in and I guess it's back to routine and old habits!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Surfaris & Byron Bay

At the moment I am in Byron Bay. Tim, Rey, Ben, Gaston, Simon and I got in on Friday night with the Surfaris crew. So we have been in Byron Bay for about four days now and it is jolly good fun, all we have been doing is going to the beach and feeding our faces! word. BUT we make our own cheap as food... woohoo for migoreng, tuna, bread and soup!!!! ehehehehe.... we are living the backpacker lifestyle at the moment, times are tough and money is tight! Were staying at The Arts Factory lodge/ hostel. It's really cool, mad set of foreigners... but getting eaten to death by mosquitos suck!!!!

Well surf camp was great!
The advantages:
1) I stood up on the surf board!
2) Met a few new people
3) We went to secluded beaches that were not on the normal road maps
4) I went with a funny bunch of lads
5) Nimbin, cookies and the bus ride back to Byron...eheheheh that was an experience in itself

The Disadvantages
1)Surfing battle scars!!! I copped a surf board to the cheek, so now I cant move the left side of my face!!!! ouch!! I have a killer bruise on my knees and shoulder!!!!
2) Camping was good fun BUT it rained for the 5days!!!! booo!
3) Getting mauled by mosquitos!!!
4) Not having a shower for 5 days...eheheheheh
5) BEN left on Sunday!!!! and its not the same without him!!!

But all in all Surfaris was great, I will post pictures up later, i dont have my USB thingo!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stephanie's 22nd Birthday!

Friday Night 10/02/06 @ Collector Hotel

Me and Tim

Vicelle, Stephanie, Mike and J.P

Kat, Adele and Erika

Jaxx and Vicelle

I met Jaxx and Tim at Parra station and we headed our way to Collector. The last time I went there was for Vanzon's birthday a couple of years back. That place holds so many memeories for my friends and I. We were pretty much locals there at one point, gone are the days when we were all 18 years old and new to the clubbing experience.... As Jaxx stated "the longer you sit here and look around, the more you remember all the stuff that happened" and that was true for me...... I went in the bathroom and I remembered the time when I was off my face and started to vomit in the toilet!!! GROSS!!!!
There was a small Thai restuarant inside and thats were we all ate, it was quite cheap but very delicious!

2.5 years!!!!

It was Tim and I's 2.5 years on Thursday, We ate at the Outback Steak House. And the food was great!!!!! lobsters and grilled salmon, we were in the mood for seafood and it satisfied our cravings.... I was sooo full after the meal, looks can be very deceiving, I thought the servings were small but it did the job in getting you full.

ps Tim I read your email and I love the picture and of course i didnt forget!!!!!!! I love you and dont forget it!

mmmm lobster!

Hype DC Dinner

Wednesday Night 08/02/06

Alex and Mara

Me, Sim and Mara

Alex, Ross, Anna and Adam

Mena, Mara & Gio

I had dinner on Wednesday night with the old Hype DC gang. Alex is back in town from Perth so we had a get together. Once again we ate at Super Bowl, the same place we ate for Alex's fairwell dinner, which is quite ironic because he leaving next week. We all met at the Windsor, and Alex came at Indo time. Like filo time AKA an hour after meeting time.
My sister and I bumped into our old high school friends; Mena and Gio. Which was quite peculiar because we had a conversation about them earlier during the day and we pondered on where and what happened to them..... then out of the blue we saw each other walking down Pitt St. It has been six years since I have seen Mena, and that by my books is very very long!

Anyhow, surprisingly Benny came to the Windsor with Ronnel. I swear those two are funny kids! They didnt end up eating out with us, they just stayed at the Windsor; played pool and drank. They were quite sh*t faced! Ronnel started to pop and lock intfront of random girls on George St and he started to do handstands in the middle of the road. Very funny. The four of us caught the train home, and they are a rowdy bunch! all my sister and I could do is just laugh. This bloke Paul picked us up from Granville Station and dropped us off at the Druitt.... what a nice kid!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Kasey

Inspiration wall and the like

I put up more random pics on my "inspiration wall". I found this really cool illustration of David Bowie that some girl did. It's one of the images from his old old old album cover!!! but i also found really cool photographs from the Vice magazine, it's so poetic, it captures the moment.
My sister was getting rid of her old magazines; fashion and design magazines..... So I thought I would rip some stuff out of them!!! in The Face magazine there was an article on The Avanlanches and theres a pic of my mate James, he looks soo000 young... hahahaha!!!
But anyhow, I did find some gems and now they are up on my wall.....

So why do I have all this bullsh*t up on my wall????? It's basically my creative outlet, that inspires me to make jewellery and clothes....

I watched Mean Creek. Its a really good movie!!! Once again its in the arthouse genre, and that for me is bonus because i love Arthouse flicks.... The film is appropriate nowadays, considering schools are cracking down on bullying, and theres a fair few anti-bullying campaigns floating around.... But in the movie it shows you the flip side, and in a sense focuses on the 'bully' and how kids cope. In my view it portayed the teenager as a misguided soul, add that with learning disabilities, teenage angst and social acceptance. I actually felt sorry for the kid.

Anyhow..... I was thinking of what DVDs I should buy next and heres what I came up with:
* City Of God
* Y tu mama tambien
* Amorres Perros
* Thirteen
* The Last Kiss
* Sommersturm
* The Virgin Suicides
I hope the stores have it, most of em, if not all of them are arty farty and foreign..... if not i'll go to

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pictures from Kat's shindig

birthday girl Kat
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Steph and my weird eye!
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I slept over Tim's house again on Friday, his family must seriously be getting annoyed with seeing me too much! Although his parentals were out last week on their Harley Davidson Bike run/ trip...... so they didnt get to see my annoying self!
Tim and I were suppose to go to the pools on friday, but it ended up being overcast. Unlike on Monday when it was hot and there was not a cloud in the sky! Whitlam pools was great that day... except for the random weird teenagers causing a ruckus! Plus i scored myself a minor tan... well sort of....

But ya, our plans of going to the pools was blown out of the water, so we just opted to go to Parra Westfields. Tim purchased the The OC season 2 box set thinggo.... and once again he was on the verge of buying clothes!
I saw the glorious Coppenhagen Ice Creamery.... that place is the illest because they sell halo halo!!!! yes every filipino's dream..... so i quenched my desire for the "H" and bought some!!!! and it was very satisfying indeed! aaahhh bless the filipino owner!!!!!

Tim bought grey stove pipes a couple of days ago, they dont look heaps tight on him, thank goodness! but they are exactly the same as my supatubes!!!! Lee babies!!!!

getting changed for Parra

Yesterday was Kat's birthday shindig! but prior to us going we went to church.... surprise surprise.... It was the old priest from our parish.. i guess they moved him down to Liverpool.
Anyhow... there wasnt that many people at Kat's place, it was quite a small affair!!!! none the less it was good seeing them.... and we are meeting up again on Friday night for Steph's birthday shindig too!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Penny's dinner thing

We had dinner last night at the RSL, i guess it was just a little get together, before Penny flys back to Perth. I saw Mari-cor whom I have seriously not seen in about 3 or 4 years! Dan and Rhea popped out of the blue, or should I say Rhea jumped out of the bushes/ pot plants in the restaurant.
But Penny gave us the low down on what Perth was like. It sounds like its a very slow paced area to live in. My sister and I are contemplating on flying over there to visit him some time this year. Because Penny will be living there for another year. Plus we can visit our old work mate Alex, who is currently working and studying in Perth.

Tin, Ian, Ness and Lei Penny & Mara

Rhodora, Dex, Me & Penny's head Annie, Dan, Hieu, Rhodora, Dex and Rhea