Wednesday, November 29, 2006

No hat, No play

I was on the train today coming home from the city....train rides are good for in-depth pensive moments,especially when you don't have a book or an ipod at hand. While I was in this pensive state we passed a primaryschool and I saw kids on their lunch break playing in the harsh Australian sun. A teacher came up to one of them and busted him for not having a hat. The 'no hat,no play' patrol is still going strong in full force after all these years.
Who would of thought of not having a hat would bring such harsh consequences i.e. a blow to the precious play time. I don't know what other countries primary school policies are for not having a hat, but in good old Aussie- land if ya don't have a hat, you ain't gonna play.....

I remember back in the day when I was a wee child my friends and I hated that rule... damn the person who thought of it..... I felt sorry for the lad or lass who left their hat at home... they were seated at the designated 'no hat, no play' area of the playground. Although, we would be a loyal friend and play with our fallen comrade, but pointing and laughing at them was more fun. I remember the girls hats were bottle green and the boys hats were shit brown. Hat fights were rife, especially with the boys in our grade.... swift wacks with your hat to your opponents head, turned into full blown punch ups.... yes our grade 6 class was a violent bunch... aaahh reminiscing...
I remember how my sister's friend stole her hat and there was this mad drama that went on for 2 days... my sister was pissed off hardcore; not because her hatwas stolen, but because she couldn't go and play with her mates. Childhood trivialities are too funny.

When high school arrived hat issues no longer existed, plus all we did was eat, eat and eat, do the random stacks on and gossip/ bitch during lunch .

So, to the current primary school kid, don't worry....your hate for the hideous rule will cease when you get to high school.... thats if your future high school doesn't have that rule.... if then.... tough titties....

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I heart JH 2

So yes as the story goes… I saw Josh Hartnett … he is one fly brother… but anyhow here is the pic….

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Well last Saturday night I went out with Anna, Simone and Mara to Home for Rebel Rebel… Ratatatat was playing… their set was awesome…. Awesome guitarist….. he was in the zone… legend….. their music reminds me of Daft Punk….
I bloody fucked up my knee… I sprained it and it swelled up… so gross… one knee was bigger than the other…. I was dancing and walking and running on it…. I should seriously get it checked up… it is a reoccurring injury….
But anyhow I haven’t been to Home in yonks, such good memories at that place… ahh reminiscing....

Meanwhile I have a new job… as an advertising assistant… I have been there for two weeks now… Clarette, April and I all work their… thanks to Clarette… owe you big time girl! I actually enjoy working their, my bosses are awesome…. They make me laugh…. At first I was having major anxiety attacks and I always thought I was going to get fired… but that feeling has passed now… I guess I have settled in…. I’m only there for three months though… it actually works out because I am on Uni holidays for 4 months and in February I am leaving for the Philippines…. The funny thing is I was actually going to look for work experience or hoping to find a job in advertising… so everything panned out how I wanted it too…..
But when there’s an upside there is always a down side…. i.e. not seeing Tim as much…. Although when we do meet up, I always get excited… the whole distance makes the heart grow fonder, or whatever the heck the saying is, rings true…

Monday, November 20, 2006

I heart JH

OMG my teenage fantasy came true yesterday.... I saw Josh Hartnett..... I seriously dont know why he was in Sydney.... but who cares he is one hot mofo..... we as in Mara, Anna and I got a pic with him..... I turn into a screaming groupie school girl everytime I tell someone... I was very star struck and scared shitless.... I always thought if I ever saw him I would jump him.... I was the complete opposite.. I was paralysed!!!

We were at Forbes & Burke cafe in Darlinghurst.... he came in the cafe after us... Anna spotted him thank goodness for her hawk eyesite!!!! i couldnt stop looking at him as he was ordering food and eating....damn he is fine.....

my celebrity crush meeting came true...ahhhh.....

I will post the pic soon....

Friday, November 17, 2006


thank you for last night..

i know we wont see each other that often...

but know this...

i love you

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I just came back from my friend’s house…. he passed away. Unfortunately he took his own life.

Brian, I we will never forget you, you will always be in my prayers. I pray that your soul is at peace and that you are with our lord. XOXO

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I have tissue up my nose...

*cough cough* im sick.. booo!!!

What's worse is that i got up at 4:45am to go to work.... I'm such a trooper...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Melbourne Part 2 *EDIT:PICS*

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o00Ohhh Melbourne, what a surprise indeed. As stated earlier Tim, Mara and JR surprised me with a birthday trip to Melbourne.

About a month ago Tim told me to get time off work because he said his relatives were coming to Australia from USA, and to make sure that I to bring clothes because we would be staying over at his cousins house.
But those bastards were scheming all that time, planning the Melbourne trip.

I was wondering why Tim and I were at the domestic departure lounge, I thought that was weird. Mara came running out screaming “surprise you’re going to Melbourne!”
I was s0 lost! When I was on the plane and in Melbourne it still hadn’t sunk in.

It was also my cousin’s birthday, so we went to visit her at work without her knowing. She was very surprised too; she had tears in her eyes.

The last time I went to Melbourne I had hay fever hell, but this time round I had rhinocourt! Bless that stuff, I swear it’s a godsend! I ran around trying to find a chemist, I could feel the build up in my nasal; the sniffles and sneezing were brewing…. Damn you hay fever!

I absolutely love Melbourne, but I loath the weather…. It was so erratic and s0 cold! No joke in a span of 15 minutes you get rain, overcast and sunny periods. Luckily I packed a jacket, hoodie and scarf, it saved my life!

Melbourne is awesome, I love the fact that you can walk around the back streets and alley ways and stumble across boutiques and quirky stores. I love how graffiti is pretty much everywhere, not tacky seedy ones that you find around Sydney. You’ll also find stencil graffiti in various shopping centres. Its awesome, they incorporate a lot of street art in stores, just brilliant. I love it how there are so many individual and eccentric people walking around and doing there business. I love how back alleys are filled with cafĂ©’s such as The Block. I love the store Rancho Notorious and St Jeromes on Caledonia Lane; how it incorporates street culture and music. I love St Jeromes because I felt like I was at a New York block party, chilling and listening to good hip hop and loving the derelict setting. I love all the vintage stores; I was in Lola (grandma in tagalog) clothes heaven!

Just seeing all these artistic elements of Melbourne really makes me appreciate that place and art in general. It also makes me want to get all creative. I’m jealous that Tim and Mara can draw. That creative gene skipped me. I saw so many things that inspired me that I want to create, all of which involves drawing. I’m quite annoyed because I can’t draw anything remotely arty if my life depended on it. But I will try my luck.

I will post pics later...


Meanwhile back in my life in Sydney, I am almost finished Uni for this semester. I have one more assignment due for Advertising: Editorial and Illustration, then I’m done for this year…. 1st semester next year is my last year of Uni then I will graduate…. OMG!!!

But I’m also contemplating on studying again. I have a few prospects in mind. I guess you never stop learning regardless if you’re at school or not.

On the learning front my sister and I are doing sewing classes, even though we already know how to make garments. We had our second class yesterday. I felt like it was a waste of money because we are doing things we already know. There are times where my sister and I just look at each other and thinking “are you serious!” I know it sounds so pompous. But I am starting to appreciate it because it is always good to get back to basics and learn the fundamentals.
Sewing class brings back good memories when I first started sewing for design and tech; fashion design, at high school when I was 13 years old.