Sunday, September 23, 2007

my birthday....

Heels or flats?
We fed our faces.
Attack of the "stalker"
Catty bitch face ruled the first couple of hours....
stress stress ...
Now I know how stressed door bitches can be.
Jumping up and down with my cousins and friends
A lot of alcohol was splashed on the floor.
We may be older, none the wiser, but we sure still know how to party....

Thank you to everyone that made the night as much fun as it was! love you lots!

Clarette. jax. i. frannie. rowie. simon

rowie. clarette. jax. i. tim. liam. mervin. simon. frannie

dean and tim

ruby. rey. rachelle. luke

Liam and i

i. clarette

mara. simo. rey

anna. mara. ed. rey

ed. rey. tim. jess. i

tim. wayne. ed. rey. i

mara. ed. rey. ruby. i . anna

gino and tim


Sam and I

ruby. anna. rey

ruby.i. rey


rachelle and jeff

anna and i

rachelle. liam.tim. i. rey

rachelle. ed. i. rey. simo

mara. i. anna

mara. rachelle

mara and anna

jess and tim


i and ruby

get excited

gino. i. (tim at the back) and loser

anna. rey. i. simo. gaston

ed. mara. i


all white now



one last thing......

happy birthday rachelle!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Earth Dance

Hippies unite!.... no not really... i went to Earth Dance on the weekend with mara, anna and ross. But prior t that engagement my sis and i went to bondi markets and bought lovely new necklaces.... so many talented designers! very inspiring!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I got these from Mara and Jr, thanks guys.... i heart them!
Tim finally drew me something too.... i'll post that drawing's rad

Monday, September 03, 2007

Go shorty it's your birthday

I received my first birthday gift today from my boss.... she's lovely!!! A gift voucher from HMV.... cool, now i can buy the new Bumblebees album....oh snap!

Tim randomly called me at work today greeting me a happy birthday:
Maria: Hello
Maria: aaahhhmmm.... it's tomorrow you tool!
Tim: Yeah..... i know im just bored.....

OMG! it's my bert-day tomorrow.... old farts unite!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ex- Hype DC kids and Purple Sneakers

I had dinner with my old Hype DC workmates...... my sister and i drove into the city.... the traffic was quite good.... no hassles... woot! The reason for the meet up was because ALEX is back from Perth.... Our get togethers always seem to revolve around him..... yet again James DC and Adam B dogged it, and Ross was the token white guy.


Steve, Doug. Anna

Benny big guns... Rosso. Mara. I

Steve, Doug. Anna. ALEX!

I went to Purple Sneakers Last All i have to say is JACK SPARROW....arhhhrrrggghhh!

Clarette. Mara. I. Suz.

Simon says and Mara