Thursday, May 24, 2007

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!

Byron Bay again....
I will bring my laptop so I can do my assignments.
My Holga will be abused with lots of pictures been taken.
8 hours of driving.
4 girls.
1 4WD.
Lots of laughs.
Lots of gossip.
Lots of fun.
3 days only.
1 beautiful beach.
Byron Bay here we come.......

Friday, May 18, 2007

Cry me a freakin' river

I got a haircut today. again. I cried a river because it was shithouse! I don't normally cry when my haircuts are crap-o-la, PMS is rearing it's ugly head. Quote: "I'm going to shave my hair " (sob sob sob cry cry cry). When I got home I ran to the toilet to try and find my dad's hair clipper/ shaver. My mum was yelling at me screaming "NO ....DO00oo00N'T!!!" then she told me that the clippers were busted and that she through them out.... so I had a shower.... towel dried my hair ..... and it actually looked better.... all that crying for nothing..... I think the reason why my hair looked crap was the way the hairdresser styled it.... think of Super Mario Bros..... you know the little mushroom things ..... yeah I looked like that, but worse!

Moving on, I handed in my graduation forms (*fingers crossed*)

OMG I saw the most unsightly thing today.... people wearing flip-flops..... in pouring rain.... I absolutely hate it when people wear thongs when it is raining..... I hate feet, funny that, because I use to work in a few shoe stores....for the love of Chucks & NIKE. Anyhow, It was so feral especially when they start to turn blue due to blood failing to circulate becuase of the cold arse weather.... please put on a pair of shoes when it's raining, better yet, wear gumboots!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Aquirax Uno

My new favourite illustrator....Aquirax Uno...... why are Japnanese folk s0 cool?!!!

take a chill pill

It's that time of the year again.... uni assessments are due.


I have 2 weeks to get my arse craking..... help me good lord!

Without a doubt the computers in the labs will crash becuase every darn student or randoms are using them..... printers will fail.... and the line for the binding machine will be 1km long...... oh Annie...... is this bringing back precious memories for you.... good old' Ward library at Werrington.... bless.

I also need to hand in my application to graduate for the September session.... yours truly will be graduating this year.... oh the good and powerful Oz please help me pass this semester.....