Tuesday, May 15, 2007

take a chill pill

It's that time of the year again.... uni assessments are due.


I have 2 weeks to get my arse craking..... help me good lord!

Without a doubt the computers in the labs will crash becuase every darn student or randoms are using them..... printers will fail.... and the line for the binding machine will be 1km long...... oh Annie...... is this bringing back precious memories for you.... good old' Ward library at Werrington.... bless.

I also need to hand in my application to graduate for the September session.... yours truly will be graduating this year.... oh the good and powerful Oz please help me pass this semester.....


Annie said...

Praying hard for you chicky!

LOL I loathe Ward Library. hahahaha
It does bring memories back and not very pretty ones at that!

Graduation! Ooooohhhhh!!!
That's awesome. Good on ya!

I'll buy ya a drink when you're done! :P

Raver Ria said...

thanks mate!!!!

yes good old Ward.... freaking mental ward more like it..... you can count on not getting a computer in that place....frwak!

mate .....why dont you just buy me a drink now..... Hahn Extra Dry thanx!

Even better lets watch Science of Sleep so we can both drool over Gael Garcia!