Friday, September 16, 2016

An Ode to Rembrandt and 17th Century Dutch Still Life Painters

Rembrandt is one of my favourite painters. It's his beautifully crafted portraits and the way he manipulates and uses light to evoke emotion, as well as planting curiosity in the viewer is the reason his art arrests me. I've always been inspired by 17th Century Dutch painters, particularly ones that paint floral arrangements.

This photograph I shot over the weekend is an ode to Rembrandt, his counterparts and the era of the Dutch Golden Age.

Birthday Flowers

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Runner Up - SunStudios- Assistants and Emerging Photographer Award Exhibition

A week ago from today I was lucky enough to be awarded Runner Up for my portraits of Kane Trubenbacher in the SunStudios Assistants and Emerging Photographer Award.

To say that I was shocked was an understatement. Throughout the night I kept dropping the F-bomb (what's new?!) from sheer surprise/amazement/joy.  The yelling and cheering from my work colleagues, who are a part of the Sydney photographic community, caught myself and patrons off guard. Thank you for your squeals and cheering! To my family and friends who turned up, thank you! To judge Ingvar Kenne, thank you for your kind words and thank you for voting for my photographs. To SunStudios thank you for holding such an esteemed event for up and coming photographers and assistants in the industry, as well as encouraging, promoting, nurturing talent. Congratulations to Peter Sharp for First Place and Felipe Neeves for receiving Highly Commended, both your images are wonderful and I am happy to be placed amongst such fine photographers.

There are moments as a creative that you look at your work and doubt what you're producing. But it's milestones like this where you are reminded that you are on the right path. In saying that, I hope to create more photographs that tell stories that people can emotionally gravitate to.

Event Photographs by Nick Turner

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

SunStudios- Assistants and Emerging Photographer Award Exhibition - Thursday 8th Sept, 6pm-8pm

Some exciting news Pals! I'm a finalist for this year's SunStudios Assistants and Emerging Photographer Award. Still can't believe it. Opening night is tomorrow evening, so if you're in Sydney head down. Details below!

This years finalists include:
Alex Brunton
Bernadette Bayley Smith
Daniel Mazzarella
Ebony Kate Dennis
Emy Dossett
Felipe Neves
Heather Raadgever
Henrique Fanti
Henry Lou
Joel Pratley
Maria Cruz
Michael Elkins
Michelle Lake
Nic Gossage
Nick Lawrence
Niki Gudex
Peter Sharp
Ryan Creevey

Image (c) Gibson Fox