Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stephanie's 22nd Birthday!

Friday Night 10/02/06 @ Collector Hotel

Me and Tim

Vicelle, Stephanie, Mike and J.P

Kat, Adele and Erika

Jaxx and Vicelle

I met Jaxx and Tim at Parra station and we headed our way to Collector. The last time I went there was for Vanzon's birthday a couple of years back. That place holds so many memeories for my friends and I. We were pretty much locals there at one point, gone are the days when we were all 18 years old and new to the clubbing experience.... As Jaxx stated "the longer you sit here and look around, the more you remember all the stuff that happened" and that was true for me...... I went in the bathroom and I remembered the time when I was off my face and started to vomit in the toilet!!! GROSS!!!!
There was a small Thai restuarant inside and thats were we all ate, it was quite cheap but very delicious!

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