Thursday, February 02, 2006

Penny's dinner thing

We had dinner last night at the RSL, i guess it was just a little get together, before Penny flys back to Perth. I saw Mari-cor whom I have seriously not seen in about 3 or 4 years! Dan and Rhea popped out of the blue, or should I say Rhea jumped out of the bushes/ pot plants in the restaurant.
But Penny gave us the low down on what Perth was like. It sounds like its a very slow paced area to live in. My sister and I are contemplating on flying over there to visit him some time this year. Because Penny will be living there for another year. Plus we can visit our old work mate Alex, who is currently working and studying in Perth.

Tin, Ian, Ness and Lei Penny & Mara

Rhodora, Dex, Me & Penny's head Annie, Dan, Hieu, Rhodora, Dex and Rhea

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