Sunday, February 05, 2006


I slept over Tim's house again on Friday, his family must seriously be getting annoyed with seeing me too much! Although his parentals were out last week on their Harley Davidson Bike run/ trip...... so they didnt get to see my annoying self!
Tim and I were suppose to go to the pools on friday, but it ended up being overcast. Unlike on Monday when it was hot and there was not a cloud in the sky! Whitlam pools was great that day... except for the random weird teenagers causing a ruckus! Plus i scored myself a minor tan... well sort of....

But ya, our plans of going to the pools was blown out of the water, so we just opted to go to Parra Westfields. Tim purchased the The OC season 2 box set thinggo.... and once again he was on the verge of buying clothes!
I saw the glorious Coppenhagen Ice Creamery.... that place is the illest because they sell halo halo!!!! yes every filipino's dream..... so i quenched my desire for the "H" and bought some!!!! and it was very satisfying indeed! aaahhh bless the filipino owner!!!!!

Tim bought grey stove pipes a couple of days ago, they dont look heaps tight on him, thank goodness! but they are exactly the same as my supatubes!!!! Lee babies!!!!

getting changed for Parra

Yesterday was Kat's birthday shindig! but prior to us going we went to church.... surprise surprise.... It was the old priest from our parish.. i guess they moved him down to Liverpool.
Anyhow... there wasnt that many people at Kat's place, it was quite a small affair!!!! none the less it was good seeing them.... and we are meeting up again on Friday night for Steph's birthday shindig too!

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