Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hype DC Dinner

Wednesday Night 08/02/06

Alex and Mara

Me, Sim and Mara

Alex, Ross, Anna and Adam

Mena, Mara & Gio

I had dinner on Wednesday night with the old Hype DC gang. Alex is back in town from Perth so we had a get together. Once again we ate at Super Bowl, the same place we ate for Alex's fairwell dinner, which is quite ironic because he leaving next week. We all met at the Windsor, and Alex came at Indo time. Like filo time AKA an hour after meeting time.
My sister and I bumped into our old high school friends; Mena and Gio. Which was quite peculiar because we had a conversation about them earlier during the day and we pondered on where and what happened to them..... then out of the blue we saw each other walking down Pitt St. It has been six years since I have seen Mena, and that by my books is very very long!

Anyhow, surprisingly Benny came to the Windsor with Ronnel. I swear those two are funny kids! They didnt end up eating out with us, they just stayed at the Windsor; played pool and drank. They were quite sh*t faced! Ronnel started to pop and lock intfront of random girls on George St and he started to do handstands in the middle of the road. Very funny. The four of us caught the train home, and they are a rowdy bunch! all my sister and I could do is just laugh. This bloke Paul picked us up from Granville Station and dropped us off at the Druitt.... what a nice kid!

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