Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Surfaris & Byron Bay

At the moment I am in Byron Bay. Tim, Rey, Ben, Gaston, Simon and I got in on Friday night with the Surfaris crew. So we have been in Byron Bay for about four days now and it is jolly good fun, all we have been doing is going to the beach and feeding our faces! word. BUT we make our own cheap as food... woohoo for migoreng, tuna, bread and soup!!!! ehehehehe.... we are living the backpacker lifestyle at the moment, times are tough and money is tight! Were staying at The Arts Factory lodge/ hostel. It's really cool, mad set of foreigners... but getting eaten to death by mosquitos suck!!!!

Well surf camp was great!
The advantages:
1) I stood up on the surf board!
2) Met a few new people
3) We went to secluded beaches that were not on the normal road maps
4) I went with a funny bunch of lads
5) Nimbin, cookies and the bus ride back to Byron...eheheheh that was an experience in itself

The Disadvantages
1)Surfing battle scars!!! I copped a surf board to the cheek, so now I cant move the left side of my face!!!! ouch!! I have a killer bruise on my knees and shoulder!!!!
2) Camping was good fun BUT it rained for the 5days!!!! booo!
3) Getting mauled by mosquitos!!!
4) Not having a shower for 5 days...eheheheheh
5) BEN left on Sunday!!!! and its not the same without him!!!

But all in all Surfaris was great, I will post pictures up later, i dont have my USB thingo!!!

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