Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Inspiration wall and the like

I put up more random pics on my "inspiration wall". I found this really cool illustration of David Bowie that some girl did. It's one of the images from his old old old album cover!!! but i also found really cool photographs from the Vice magazine, it's so poetic, it captures the moment.
My sister was getting rid of her old magazines; fashion and design magazines..... So I thought I would rip some stuff out of them!!! in The Face magazine there was an article on The Avanlanches and theres a pic of my mate James, he looks soo000 young... hahahaha!!!
But anyhow, I did find some gems and now they are up on my wall.....

So why do I have all this bullsh*t up on my wall????? It's basically my creative outlet, that inspires me to make jewellery and clothes....

I watched Mean Creek. Its a really good movie!!! Once again its in the arthouse genre, and that for me is bonus because i love Arthouse flicks.... The film is appropriate nowadays, considering schools are cracking down on bullying, and theres a fair few anti-bullying campaigns floating around.... But in the movie it shows you the flip side, and in a sense focuses on the 'bully' and how kids cope. In my view it portayed the teenager as a misguided soul, add that with learning disabilities, teenage angst and social acceptance. I actually felt sorry for the kid.

Anyhow..... I was thinking of what DVDs I should buy next and heres what I came up with:
* City Of God
* Y tu mama tambien
* Amorres Perros
* Thirteen
* The Last Kiss
* Sommersturm
* The Virgin Suicides
I hope the stores have it, most of em, if not all of them are arty farty and foreign..... if not i'll go to amazon.com


Bold oy! said...

Most of the movies you list are movies i like.
Try these:
His secret life
Just a question of love
Wild reeds
This boy's life
What have I done to deserve this?
My life on ice
L'auberge Espagnole

Raver Ria said...

cool thanks mate