Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Italy vs Australia FIFA World Cup

Yet another sleepless night watching the world cup! but it was all worth it even though Australia lost..... Yes I am very very sad that they lost, and I am sure a lot of Australians feel the same way.... I wanted to scream like a maniac because of the stupid ref!!!! bloody oath!!! Italy should not of got the penalty shot!!!! I prayed that Mark Schwarzer would catch the ball... but he didn't... and I guess the rest is history.... I felt so bad for Lucas Neill, he had water in his eyes when the game ended...poor bugger... I feel your pain mate!!!

I turned on the TV and they had highlights about last nights game.... some random guy who watched the soccer at the live big TV venues said "we were robbed, I know that, you know that and Australia knows that".
Whats done is done... But I know I wanted, as with many people, for the Socceroos to go further.
But I am equally as proud and happy that they were able to play at the World Cup. The boys should be proud of themselves for making it!!!

Go the Socceroos!!!!! one love!!!!!!!

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