Thursday, April 13, 2006

Field trip

Today was Tim, Merc, Renae and I's shindig to The Royal Easter Show!!!! our highlights were:

* A killer ride that felt like I was going to plumet to my death and face plant on the cement. i'll give ya'll a visual: think a of a pendulum swinging around in a 360 degree motion and the actual chair spinning 360' too..... It was damn good fun, but Tim was a tad bit worried...ahahahaha

* bumper cars and smashing the shit outta Tim....word!!!!! lol

* Visiting the cows and watching it crap infront of us: it looked like ice-cream coming out of a ice-cream machine= hilarious

* Stepping in manure

* Eating lunch on a park bench while it was raining, then getting off our arses after 20 minutes to find shelter....yes we were lazy

* The Bertie Beatle showbag $2....aaaahhh bless you can always count on that gem for a bargain

* New Woman magazine showbag......well there wasn't much of an option there, it was either Girlfriend or Dolly, I'm not 14 years old New Woman it was...... Come on Vogue magazine when will you bring out easter show bags!!!!!!!!

* the dog show.... man they are well bred bitches!!!!

* Merc smashing the shit out of a frog..... it wasn't real just a toy....the aim of the game was to smash the platform the frog was sitting on and not the actual frog....too funny!!! I was laughing hard!!!

the killer pendulum thingo ride!!!! yes thats people at the top!

Tim. Renae. Merc

My nerve damaged cheek that has not healed from surf camp!!! but hay at least I still look tanned!


Abbie A. said...

Yes! We are both tanned! yay! :-) hey you look gorgeous even after the ride. haha. How can you take being in those?

I probably would've barfed. haha.

You really are a strong lass, my friend!

Raver Ria said...

OMG!!!! I love rides...its such a rush!!!! killer!!! i remember going to Star city in the Phils and going on the not to sturdy rides...hahahaha death wish!!!!!