Monday, July 03, 2006

Great hairdressers are hard to find *EDIT: Superman Returns

The hairdresser that I go to has shut up shop. I am quite distraught too, because really good hairdressers are very hard to find.

I’m not too fussy with my hair, heck, I rarely run a comb through it or wash it…eeeewwww! But I think having a great hairdresser is a must. They help you through your hair woes, they give you advice on the best way to style your hair, they CUT YOUR HAIR JUST THE WAY YOU WANT IT! Smartlook Hair Studio in Parramatta did all these things for me, especially cutting my hair how I wanted it!

Did you ever get those situations where you sit in the chair and the stylist is at their final cutting stages… and you think to yourself “what the heck is she/he doing???? This isn’t the cut I wanted!!!” You smile politely and say apprehensively “yeah…it’s cool” when really you hate it… and you walk out of the salon thinking to yourself “damn I should have had a fit at him/ her”. Well this has happened to me a few times.

In the past I have always settled for second best, and I would just go to random hairdressers to cut my locks. But when I stumbled across Smartlook, I was born again in terms of believing there was a salon that accommodated my every need.

And now this belief is shattered to a million pieces. I am now on the hunt for the holy grail of hairdressers. Wish me luck, because I definitely need it.



I watched Superman Returns with Tim last week. I was very very hesitant in watching the film. Tim can attest to that comment. I thought it was going to be crap, every time I saw the previews on TV I would just tune out and say “yeah….whatever”.

But I was proven wrong for my hate, ok not hate that’s too strong of a word…dislike.
I liked the film, pretty action packed and so many scenes. I was wondering when the film would end it just kept on trucking along.

Brandon Routh AKA Superman/ Clark Kent is one fly fella! (no pun intended) he sounds like Wentworth Miller… the smooth silky voice… hot!
But yes there was some major eye candy whilst watching the movie….ah bless!

It was funny seeing Ian Roberts on screen so weird, ex-footballer/ ex- Dancing with the Stars. And I totally forgot that they filmed it here in Sydney… Tim and I were sitting there saying… “oh mad…. Martin Place….oh mad… Wynyard bus depo”.

i like a guy in a suit

The hotness: Brandon Routh

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