Thursday, July 13, 2006

time waits for no one

I seriously cannot believe that it is Thursday already!!! The days are getting faster..or as Tim would say "your just getting busier"
Last Saturday I went to Rendezvous @ The Wesley Theatre in Pitt St with Jr, Tim and Mara... Sunday I crashed at Tim's house... then before I knew it, it is now Thursday! Far out.

I remember reading this quote somewhere... "We have too much time, but no time to waste"

There are moments where I feel like I'm wasting my time, I could be doing more productive and inspiring things. I feel like a total bum....! ...Well I am actually... but I am proud to say that I did accomplish my mini goals that I set for this uni winter holidays..(Anna you would be so proud)... horay! So I guess these holidays were not in vain.

Time really is precious; we should enjoy and seize everyday, every opportunity, every moment spent with a friend/ family member/ boyfriend....

I can honestly say, I really do take things for granted. But I should not be naive, because all these things can vanish in an instant. And as the saying goes "you don't know what you have got till it's gone".....

So right now I am trying to be as proactive as possible..... Let’s just hope I persevere.

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