Monday, January 09, 2006

shelves and bridal registry

I finally got my shelf off lay buy.... "Soho Cube" it looks like I will fix it tomorrow! wohoo cant wait! Tim and I had a joyous time trying to put it in the car, it was sticking outta the back! o00ps!

We went to Myer to get Tim's mate's bridal registry, and there were only four items left! damn, but we did find something on their list so it was all good! the wedding is on Sunday, I have nothing to wear, so I am planning to steal something from my sister. word! lol

Im still feeling a bit sick at the moment, i have to wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow for work.... 6am-2pm shiiftt...woooo... cant wait for that! But i hope im not as sick!!!!!

APRIL is back from Asia... so I can't wait to see her.... hopefully soon!!!!! are more pics from saturday.....

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