Sunday, January 08, 2006

SleepOvers & Sickness

Im sick at the moment! booo! its a cross between hay fever and a cold! I feel like im in a dream because all my senses are wack at the moment!!! My head is pounding and my nose is dripping like a tap! gross!

On thursday and Friday night i slept over Tims house, I didnt want to go home, so I decided to crash at his joint.


* Tim shaved his head and he looks like a bad ass.... no not really.... i just felt like saying that
* Met at parra and went around the stores
* Tim was about to get his ear pierced, but opted not to
* I bought a new mag
* Caught the T-Way home
* Walked Freckles
* Bummed around hardcore at his place
* We also watched Mr & Mrs Smith on DVD.... I really liked that movie, they are such a hot couple!

hoodie love... lookin like asian thugs

* Kasey's friend Sophia came over, who was crashing the night too
* Went to Liverpool to watch Chicken Little with Kasey and Sophia
* Tim got his ear pierced! word!
* Went to blockbuster to borrow DVDs

* Woke up sick! boo!
* Dropped Sophia home
* Caught the T-Way and train into the city
* Market City and Paddy's: Tim bought clear studs and I bought new sunnies...very very oversize!
* Ate a late lunch at Pho
* Tim crashed at my joint and i started to wack him with a ruler while he was playing PSP.... i was very bored!

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