Thursday, December 04, 2008

Alessandra Torresan


I like this photograph.. the pose, composition, crisp and clear.... it has attitude.

Image source: The Selby


withasianstereotypes said...

Ah, baby this is such a lovely and creative blog. I'm really loving the aesthetics of it <3 Keep in touch baby :3

&hearts, withasianstereotypes


why, thank you :)

your comment really made me so happy while I was reading it<3

I agree Moms (and Grandmoms!) are the best for closet-clothes-hunting!! ;)

all the best...

love.. xx

Terence Sambo said...

u nailed it girl... great pic, i love the high waisted pants.

Do drop by my blog i got a new interview with 2 designers...fab pics u'll not want to miss :o)

Syed said...

Oh wow breathtaking, I adore her top and pink sunnies. Annnd the composition is delightful!

Anonymous said...

nice outfit

// fashionpics

Song of Style said...

i like that floral top on her.
and the matching sunglass.
oh i wish it was summer