Thursday, December 04, 2008

You have been....


Thank you to Maz from Sale Lover for tagging me with I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARD :)
So here is my chosen seven, in no particular order…..

1) Style On Track
¿Por qué? It's like an online zine. fashion. style. models. and editorial pics. A big bang of goodnes.

2) Lust for Life
¿Por qué? Vicky, Filipina model that shares the same obssessions as I. photography. art. illustrators. magazines. books. and just having good old plain fun and excelling yourself as a person. (Miss you Vi!)

3) Fashion Toast
¿Por qué? Does Rumi really need an explanation? I think not.

4) Delightful
¿Por qué? Pictures... pictures and more pictures. i love it!

5) Loveology
¿Por qué? I aways feel like im in a brilliant lucid dream when I visit this beautiful blog. a cross between Picnic at Hanging Rock/ The Virgin Suicides/ Au Revoir Simone/ Air French Band/ Sofia Coppola/ Polaroid and Lomography appreciation orgasmic love.

6) It's Las Factory
¿Por qué? Not only blessed with killer cheeck bones, height and style. Laurel will be going places in the fashion world. keep an eye out on this up and coming model. She is seriosuly going to kick some arse and take names.

7) Igor and Andre
¿Por qué? Because I am obssessed with illustrators! and Danny of Igor and Andre rocks my world with his Egon Shiele- esq illustrations. And i still believe he will one day exhibit here in Sydney.

If you have not visited any of these blogs.... start crackin.

To my know the drill, link to your nominator and then pass on to your seven chosen ones.


loveology said...

Hi gorgeous!!!
I feel sooo honoured that you chose me and the way you described my blog is truly unbelieveble and it makes me so happy. I'll definitely put that words on my blog!

Your blog is also great!! Really!
I'll link you right away!

Lots of love,

Igor+andré said...

wow! maria!
thank you so so so much! i love your blog.
thank you for the honor.
and yes i would love to exhibit in Sydney!
Australia is high up on my places to visit.
and if i come out your way i will for sure! :)
thank you gain so much.