Monday, May 22, 2006

Fly me away

I love this artwork.... Im not entirely sure who created it though. It says on the back its by Ilse van Garderen from 'Careless Water' (Linocut artist's book)

So how did I stumble across it??? Well at uni actually... there are a few Avant Card stands floating around the campus, it's basically a free postcard stand.. Im the geek who sometimes takes a few arty farty ones... I picked it up last year in 1st semester while I was waiting for my sister to finish class.

I have this little postcard artwork thingy pinned on my pinboard, along with other inspirational photos that I find appealing..... It's quite a dark piece, it always stirs up my emotions every time I look at... I guess I love it so much because it represents who I am and how I feel.... every time I look at it, I always get a phrase in my head.... "fly me away" .... The girl in the image looks quite pensive, uncertain, hoping not to fall on the bare tree branches. She has this pelican with her, Im not too sure why, possibly for comfort... She stares below seeing her environment, I always wonder why is she looking down? why is she flying away????... I love it how she floats in the air, it looks so peaceful yet jaded....

I am drawn to this artowork, I just LOVE IT!

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