Friday, May 05, 2006

random thoughts

Why do people (especially girls) put raunchy photos of themselves on their profiles for Friendster, myspace etc????? Well I guess there are millions of answers, maybe to get the most hits on their profile site or maybe they think it’s liberating or to attract a male audience??? I find these images quite disturbing, even more so when these are images of young teenage girls….

Why do these young educated, women of tomorrow have to reduce themselves to red light entertainment images? Maybe this is my conservative side rearing its ugly head and inducing me to write this entry, but I guess it’s something that bothers me so I need to write about it.

I remember when I was growing up things were much simpler. My friends and I didn’t care for make-up or what’s the latest fashion must have, we didn’t even care about boys. I guess we were in our own little world acting a fool and just plain old enjoying each others company and maybe indulging in the latest gossip, and for one thing sex was taboo (even though there were a few girls in our Year 8 class doing the deed).

Sex is everywhere in our culture. And it’s depressing when some teenagers think it’s cool to have that ‘sexy’ image. I guess we live in an era where these images are to an extent accepted by the public or we are just becoming desensitized to it all.

In my opinion once you put pictures of yourself like that on your profile, blog or website. You portray a certain image. Ok I’m going to be blunt here but it just looks cheap and it basically undermines your intelligence. People’s rebuttal may be “it’s just a photo… I’m not really like that…” but a picture can paint a thousand words and the next person looking at that image won’t think so. Yes it may look ‘cool’ towards your friends or the other kids your aiming it to, but in reality it doesn’t.
I guess I value intelligence and I guess it’s something my parents have instilled in my sister and I….. knowledge really is power. And I hate it when I see the next generation of young girls replacing their intellect for bimbo and slutty personas.

Being a teenager and growing up can be hard, but at least do it in a dignified way; because it’s your actions that define you.

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Raver Ria said...

thanks dude.... i just wanted to vent out my frustrations...ehehehehe