Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I just came back from Queensland! It was a nice little get away! I went with:

Surprise surprise April and Clarette were also there, so we met up with them... funny lads! love you girls!
Also met up with Franz a few times...... sorry to say my friend, but I thought QLD would offer us a better clubbing experience, but like you said we came on the wrong days!!!! I HOPE WEDNESDAYS AND THURSDAYS WERE AS GOOD AS YOU SAID!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA.... sorry if we left early dude!!!!! one love!

We stayed at Q1 apartments .... I have to say that place is absolutely chic!!!! It's one of the tallest residential buildings, but not anymore because they are developing a bigger one soon...but it is one of the nicest apartments I have stayed in, they go for 1 to 2 million dollars a pop, even higher i think!!!!!... heres the link to Q1, check it out guys!

I will post some pictures later.....


Today was our group presentation. Thanks MERC you pretty much did all the work so I have to make that known to the world!!!! Luckily things ran smoothly and I think we did quite a good job..well sort of, our hearts stopped when we had a 10 second PowerPoint malfunction! BUT our tutor thought it was 'terrific', which is awesome feedback coming from her! but I was pretty out of it whilst presenting, coming home at 12:30am from a very turbulant flight + lack of sleep for 4 days never helps!


Tonight was Stephanie's graduation dinner. Her little brother and sister have grown up fast!!!! I still remember when they were young'uns!!!
It was great seeing the other girls. The food was awesome, Steph tell your mum she is a killer in the kitchen!!!! AND SURPRISE MARIE WAS THERE!!!!! it's been three months since I have seen her!!!!!

Boooo! i have to start on my other assessments for Uni!

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