Monday, May 22, 2006

*EDIT* Goodbye Advertising Strategy, hello skateboard!

Today was the last class for Advertising Strategy, our final assignments were handed in and a short class followed. I never participate in class... Im the girl who sits and listens and absorbs whats going on.... and when Im bored, I tend to leave for about 15 mintues to go on a short nomadic walk or stare out the window and daydream.... yes Im a bludger! mwuhahahaha!

Anyhow TIM BOUGHT A SKATEBOARD!!!! it's a gorgeous purple and orange Element board. I will post pictures of it later..... Im so excited because I now have a skateboard buddy. After a 2 year hiatus, Im making a conscious decision to start skateboarding again... and Im G-ed up, even though im pretty sh*thouse...hahhaha! but atleast i can do one trick... the easiest...manuels! haha!

We also went to Salvos and Tim picked up a retro tweed blazer for $6 (bargain alert!) and I picked up some granny tops.... yes I love my grandma clothes..... I may need to make some alterations to it though...hopefully it turns out okay....

Meanwhile...Im infatuated with Tim's skateboard..... although.... my one is better....mwuahahah!

Happy camper...he has a new toy!

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