Friday, May 16, 2008

Age Gap

Last night my sister and I attended the music practice for the 'Shake Up' event we are co-ordinating with other youth groups within the Blacktown area.
Just hanging out with them made us realise how old we were. These guys were full of energy, borderline ADHD. And by ADHD, I mean Ferdie screaming out "THIS IIS MACCA--AAAs!!!!" while we were eating McDonalds at Woodcroft...
My sister and I are probably one of the most immature twenty- somethings you'll come across. But chilling with the youth of Marayong Parish made us feel our true ages. When I pondered a bit more I realised that when I was in Year 12 they were in Year 7.... scary... Oh my, is this anxiety screaming due to the nearing quarter of a century age mark??
Now I know how Christina felt when she attended the Antioch Weekend and as she says "they keep me young".


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