Monday, August 07, 2006

Mara's 24th Birthday

It was my sister's birthday yesterday!! she is officially old! like Annie... hahaha .....happy belated birthday Annie, for the 3rd of August.

Last Friday night:
Anna, Sim, Mara and I had dinner at a Spanish restaurant in Liverpool St in the city. They had flamenco dancers, can they bash their feet or what, I was almost deaf after their performance.
We also went to Black Bird for some very yummy dessert.... mmmm cheesecake!!!

Sim and I

Anna & Mara

Sim and I

Mara and Sim

Rey, Simon, Ben and Gas were in the City too, so we met up with them. Man those boys are funny they crack me up, so loud and so crazy!!! Quote of the night "i'm out of my cage... i'm out of my leash" by the one and only BEN!

Gas, the other Sim, Mara, Ben and Rey

Last Saturday night:
I had dinner with my mum, dad, Mara, JR and Tim, for Mara's b'day.... I was in really shitty mood! really bad!!! The whole day just pissed me off, it was lack of sleep, the food ..arrgghhh everything, but I eventually got over it... when I ate chocolate...
We also went to JR's brothers' pizza parlour!!! so nice! and the Pizza was good too and the cheesecake...yummo!!!

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