Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tito Ramon's 50th Birthday

I slept over Tim’s house on Friday. I was so buggered because I was only on 4 hours of sleep (damn you 6:00am shifts) so right now my sleeping patterns is totally out of sync! We watched LOST DVDs (totally awesome!) ate, ate, ate and ate.
The next day was even more laid back; I went skateboarding up and down his street, while he was mowing the lawn. It feels good to skateboard again; I felt a bit unco because it has been a LONG TIME SINCE. I was scared I was going to face plant it on the road, luckily I didn’t.

We got ready for my uncles birthday, surprise surprise I even used a blow dryer, man I don’t know how to use them things. I was struggling with the brush and the hot wind blasting on my hair and face.
Tim looked hot in what he was wearing; guys always look good in suits or uniforms, it is very clean cut…. and sexy….

So, Tito Ramon is officially 50. He sure as hell does not look 50; maybe it’s the Asian genes. His birthday party was held at a function hall in Liverpool, Tim and I didn’t even know that it existed. All the uncles and aunties came before hand to set up the hall, as usual the cousins and guests arrived at the party late, good old Filo time works like a charm. Aries and Russelle performed a dance sequence to ‘my humps’, although I wouldn’t call it a dance sequence because they were just dancing along to the song, it was so funny. The DJ played old early 80s & 90s tracks, all the parentals got into it and danced like they have never danced before (and so did my sister and I).

At 10pm they had a ‘special performance’ i.e. a stripper. All the men in the room got all excited they were all frothing at the mouth, it was disgusting. All the kids who came were ushered out of the hall. I knew that a stripper was going to be there and I was intending on watching. But then I walked out of the hall because it really is repulsive. I think I was the only person to walk out who were over 18… All the cousins stayed.
I have been to a strip club and watched what the women do and watched what the audience’s reactions were. I felt so disgusting in there and really perverted. That was my first and last time going to those places. I don’t think that it is a very reputable job. I can understand why some people do it, maybe for the money or it may make them feel sexually empowered. I just think that it is wrong. I don’t like the fact that it objectifies women in such a cheap way, dancing around semi naked or naked for money. There are some feminists out there who are all for sexual expression and sexual empowerment and there are other feminists out there who see that stuff as degrading etc, I guess I am part of the latter.

I was outside looking after all the minors, the funny thing was after a while all my cousins + partners and sister walked out… they were all saying… ‘gross she’s gross…so feral’ Tim said that she sat and rubbed up against him. I thought he was joking but when I saw the photos I just wanted puke and burn his clothes then and there. My cousins was saying to him “wash your clothes dude, you might have crabs on em’ or something”

Apparently the stripper looked strung out (probably on smack) her eyes kept on rolling about and dilated. Man I wouldn’t be surprised if she was on the drugs, she had to do it in front of 150 people. I guess courage drugs were on hand.

Enough about that, Tim had an admirer, Edwin AKA Shyna the gay make-up artist/ hairdresser. I guess Tim’s pretty boy looks were too awe inspiring for Edwin. He always gets a fan club everywhere we go either the females or the males. My cousins being the smartarses that they are started screaming out “” so Tim was forced to take pics with him.
Edwin is cool; I met him in the ladies toilets earlier on the night, while he was putting make-up on my aunties and mum. He was a make-up artist in the Philippines on channel 7. So he worked with the celebrities there. He worked at one of the salons, the name I can’t remember. But like I said to Tim he will be seeing more of ‘Shyna’ because he is related to my auntie, plus he will be at future gatherings….. cool he can do my make-up, yay my hairdresser woes are over, I don’t need to cut my own hair anymore!!

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